Nintendo Secures E3 2012 Victory With Wii U?

Cinemablend "With Microsoft playing it cool and keeping a poker face regarding any talk of a next-generation console, Sony has adamantly said that they are working on maintaining their load with the PS Vita and PS3. The only one who has shown their cards and is moving forward with the next era of gaming technology this year is Nintendo."

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Misterhbk2259d ago

Yep! Just like they did with the Wii U in 2011!

Oh wait...

Shok2259d ago

E3 is about surprises. Whether the Wii U looked cool to you or not, there's no denying that you were shocked when it was shown.

Sony's conference was full of things we've either seen before or knew was coming. It was an extremely boring conference.

Micorsoft....pretty sure I don't have to explain that one.

So yes, with a console reveal, a Smash Bros game confirmed, and 3DS goodness, I'd say Nintendo did indeed win.

Misterhbk2259d ago

I wasn't shocked at the Wii U reveal at all. No one was because nintendo had already spilled the beans that they were going to show it off, but what they did was disappointing. Bragging about multiplats they'll be getting a year late? What's the point in that? Announcing games that haven't even begun development?

And a new Smash Bros is no shocking announcement. A new Nintendo Console = New Smash Bros. Same with a new Mario Kart, Mario Platformer, Zelda etc. We all know these games are coming so why act surprised?

MS was a disaster, we all know that.

As far as Sony goes I was in the middle. I was super excited for the Vita news and the 250 price point was a shock for everyone, no doubt about that

blaaah2259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

Its all but confirmed that Nintendo will win E3 this time with the superb 3DS lineup completely crushing Vita's appeal and Wii U being more innovative than PS4 and having a great launch & upcoming lineup...

Emilio_Estevez2258d ago

WiiU didn't surprise anyone. Everything was leaked beforehand and they still didn't show any specs or actual gameplay.

Shok2258d ago


Of course we knew a Smash Bros was going to be made for the system, but we didn't expect it to be announced so early. Not to mention, one for the 3DS was also confirmed. Unexpected.


We knew a system was going to be shown, but we didn't know what it would be like. All that "leaked" stuff was just rumors.

BitbyDeath2258d ago

We still don't know what the Wii U will be like.
I think Nintendo has a good chance at winning this years E3 but i think Sony won the last with the pricedrop announcement.

Misterhbk2258d ago

That's my point about Smash Bros. Nintendo was simply trying to pad their announcements by adding that. The game hadn't even started development yet. That's like Sony announcing Uncharted 4 right now. Odds are it's going to come out, but what sense would it make to announce it?

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Christopher2259d ago (Edited 2259d ago )

Based on the hands-on reaction to Wii U at CES... I'm not sure they're going to have much more five months from now.

NukaCola2258d ago

See this is how I see it. It's been all tech demoes for about 6 plus months now. I don't care to see them anymore. I will see what the system can do when they show us actual gamer coming out for it. I get what it physically will be able to doa nd all their thoery but I want ot see it in motion with a real game developed to actaully be released. That would or could I shoudl say, make bme a believer.

Yodagamer2258d ago

that is because nintendo always waits till e3 to show anything major off

GribbleGrunger2259d ago

i'd say it was likely simply because i doubt MS or Sony will show their own true next gen machines.

Virtual_Reality2258d ago

''MS or Sony will show their own true next gen machines.''

I see what you did there.

bubblebobble2258d ago

i wonder if nintendo have court up with this rad new tech called dvd its amazing u can play videos on cds its probley a bit to much out there they will probley stick to game carts

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Venox20082258d ago

I hope that we'll see a lot of great surprises on Wii U and 3DS...

btw: when E3 will be this time?

iamnsuperman2258d ago

Depends if Microsoft or Sony announce a new console (I know Sony have already come out and said something about this) or if Nintendo actually reveal anything substantial (last E3 wasn't great). Last E3 was won by Ubisoft in my eyes. Nintendo "winning" E3 2012 is far from certain. They have a lot to prove because there last conference just left people bemused on what the Wii U is. Just because they could release specs and games doesn't mean they have already "won".

Moerdigan2258d ago

I hope to be floored by a ton of WiiU games,

don't repeat what happened to 3DS, I don't think home consoles can afford to come back from something like that

WooHooAlex2258d ago (Edited 2258d ago )

We also thought that last year when they revealed it. And that was probably the worst console reveal I've ever seen.

How you present what you're showing is just as important as what you actually have to show. Last year I thought they failed on both fronts. I think we'll see a good show from them this year tho. A lot of great first party stuff and a few big third party announcements.

Guessing their big reveal will be a Mario game for the Wii U launch.

ronin4life2258d ago

I myself, being a huge Nintendo fan, was somewhat disappointed in Nintendos e3. They should have (been able to have...) made a focus of the 3ds. It isn't that they shouldn't have unveiled the wiiu, but rather that it shouldn't have been given as much time or focus as it was given based on what info they were willing to divulge.
Despite this, I still think Nintendo had the best conference last year.

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