How To Ruin Fallout 3 For Your Friends writes: "Fallout is one of the best RPG series of all time. From the very first turn based role-playing game to todays 3D sandbox epic, Fallout has always impressed us with its unique story and twisted humor. However, the post-apocalyptic world is not exactly a paradise; there are many nightmare inspiring creatures that roam and, in this case, chase you around the wasteland."

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Rage_S902202d ago

Oh wow Reddit repost? Really?


BraveToaster2201d ago

But hurr durr shitty raeg comix so funni xD

zeal0us2202d ago

If my fallout 3 experience was like that when I first played I would of probably unistalled and never played it again.

FiLTHY ESKiMO2202d ago

Some unlucky sod is about to get trolled, again. The links are posted in the article. :)

sonicsidewinder2201d ago

I enjoyed the game so much more with the Wanderers Edition mod.

F1 and 2 still WAY better.

jthamind2201d ago

by making them actually play it.

BraveToaster2201d ago

I was gonna say "By making them play it unmodded" but that works too