Do boobs actually sell games?

The first two games in the series sold extremely well, and for good reason: they were awesome games for their time. But after Tomb Raider III, sales declined rapidly. Tomb Raider III: The Adventures of Lara Croft was the high point of the series in terms of sales. The following games never matched the high point of 6-7 million copies sold (even as the PlayStation installed base grew exponentially and offered many more potential customers).

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Snookies122322d ago (Edited 2322d ago )

Haha, clicked this article to say "Nope" looks like you beat me to it man! Good thinking though, good thinking... Glad there are some people with some sense out there! XD

Rezka2322d ago

Dumbest title ever lol

RXL2322d ago

that's like saying do people eat sandwiches just for the cheese?...

obviously not..but if it isn't in'll notice if you're a cheese lover.

ThichQuangDuck2322d ago

My mind drifted because that is a weird comparison went to cheese+Boobs then got to cheese nips. Any how boobs do not sell games, game play does an attractive girl may attract someone's attention but at the end of the day they are playing the game not intending on having a relationship with it.

_Aarix_2321d ago


How does it make sense to say ps3 has less kids THEN praise PC gaming ftw. Dude you really need to get your prioroties straight.

closnyc22322d ago

to the 15 year old COD fanboys on deabox it does.

_Aarix_2322d ago

That applies to playstation as well, dont bullshit yourself.

closnyc22321d ago

yes, but to a lesser extent, ps3 fanboys are a little more hardcore and a a lot less of posers as deadbox fans are. PC GMAING FTW!

MysticStrummer2322d ago

Boobs sell everything if it's geared toward a male audience. Anyone who says otherwise is delusional. Sex sells. Does it always work? No, but it does more often than not.

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