The Best of the Breast

As graphics become more advanced, so do video game boobs. What first began as flat (yet still gigantic) breasts evolved into jiggling globes that defy the laws of physics. And while we'll never admit to being turned on by a buxom (and fictional) character, we know a good, when we see it. Join GameDaily for a brief history of boobs and the horn balls that created them.

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Padre3872d ago

Best breasts ever: Ivy from Soul Calibur IV

Pain3872d ago

Ahh u basterds 11/12 ewww :P

Tyrael3872d ago

Tie between Ivy from Soul Calibur and Rachel from Ninja Gaiden

littletad3872d ago

Best breast? Ivy? I don't know Rachel is right up there. At least when were talking CGI. In 3-D model's I'd choose...

Ureval3872d ago

No love for Lara? At the very least she started the videogame breast revolution. Hail to the Queen!

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