Open Letter to Razer

Dear Razer, Stop saying PC gaming is dead and stop trying to get into hardware.

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xxxAnubisxxx2321d ago

Gaming specific tablet may be more popular than you think... most, yes most, of iPad users game on their device.

DBLDeathDealer2321d ago

Tablets yes. That thing looks like a flip cell phone from the 1960's. I would think they could come up with a better system with their resources.

ThichQuangDuck2321d ago

I do not see why PC gamers are in uproar over this. This device will appeal to casual gamers who want to play on something that will be able to run all current games. Although the PC gaming is dead statement is unnecessary, if this product is not for you then don't buy it

sovietsoldier2321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )

looks cool.

jeeves862321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )

If the Fiona's handles could be removed, if you just wanted to use the know, to do all the things a tablet does, I'd be all for that. How would you take the device anywhere? How would you store it? It would be useful in only landscape mode. As it stands, it's a device used for one purpose when the market for tablets is a market for 1 device that does a lot of different things.

I've seen videos where there's a keyboard and mouse attached through a proprietary port on the side of the tablet. Why not go a wireless route w/bluetooth? Powering a keyboard and mouse would be a serious drain on the battery, which is extremely important in a mobile gaming device. is this author talking about? Razer is extremely supportive of PC gaming and always have been. They're the ones fighting the stereotype that PC gaming is dead, against the wave of console fanboys who claim it's dead.

Mutley4162321d ago

if the price is under 400$ i might be getting one. i would be using my vita money :(

hellvaguy2320d ago

I7 portable processor chip? Minimum $800 me thinks.