Gamezone: Five Things We Want In the Next Guitar Hero

“It’s been a long time since a-rock n’ roll…” We borrow this line from the classic Led Zeppelin song because it certainly explains the dearth of music/rhythm “rock” games that we had in 2011. Sure, Rocksmith from Ubisoft helped fill the void, but it’s more of a learning tool than a direct competitor to the Rock Band/Guitar Hero throne. Let’s be honest, despite the fact the series was starting to get a little long in the tooth, we did miss our fill of Guitar Hero last year.

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kma2k2350d ago

that would be insinuating people would want a new guitar hero lol

Soldierone2350d ago

Stay away from Rocksmith, that's what I want. It isn't a game, its a learning tool, and Guitar Hero isn't and never will be.

r212350d ago

can we play with our normal controller like on the ps2? instead of buying those gimmicky guitar controllers.