NVIDIA reveals GeForce 8800 GTS 512MB

Engadget writes:

"Not even two months after NVIDIA tempted gamers on a budget with the GeForce 8800 GT, the outfit has loosed a new beast just in time for those eleventh hour holiday shoppers. Based on 65-nanometer fabrication, the 8800 GTS 512MB boasts 128 stream processors, twin dual-link DVI ports, PureVideo HD technology, DirectX 10 support, a 650MHz core clock / 970MHz memory clock and hardware decode acceleration for smooth playback of "H.264, VC-1, WMV and MPEG-2 HD and SD movies." According to the company, this card provides some 25-percent more processing power than NVIDIA products previously offered at the same price point, which, if you're wondering, is around $299 to $349."

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OOG FunK3872d ago

damn another card....they jus keep rolling out....while ati is fadn

GIJeff3872d ago

they drop the price on the GT to around 200-250. Right now on new egg the GT runs up to over 300.

Antan3872d ago

I`d wait till Febuary when the Nvidia 9800 is expected to be unveiled.

Azures3872d ago

Exactly. DX10 isn't big enough yet that people gotta upgrade, so might as well wait a bit till the new cards start rolling out. High end 9000s release in Feb and the mid grade ones in May/June, just in time for games like FarCry 2.

urban bohemian3872d ago

How much does a card to run crisis well cost? And what would the stats on it be?

Antan3872d ago

You can get high settings without AA on a 12x10 for a very good 30+fps, using a GT or this GTS. Increase the rez and you hit trouble. I fully expect the new 9800 to be considerably quicker than the 8800 Ultra however. I`d be suprised if were not around double the performance.

GIJeff3872d ago

I just got a 7950GX2 thats plenty for me to live happily the rest of the DX9 days(80 fps on COD4). When the 9 series come out ill be getting one of those. Oh yea, what about the 8900? is there such a thing?

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