2012: 3DS Will Storm the Show and Wii U has the Encore

GameXplain: "2011 was definitely a year of swings and roundabouts for Nintendo. Their hotly touted 3DS stumbled out of the gate in March with such a spectacular false start that it prompted a huge price cut over the summer. With all their distress flares seemingly spent, the S.S. Nintendo looked ready to sink under the mighty wave of its competitors, and many argued that lowering the lifeboats was their only remaining option. Fast forward to January, though, and 3DS has made a roaring comeback, outselling the first year of its wildly popular predecessor in only eight months with a huge lineup of titles ready for the holiday season."

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darthv722321d ago

nintendo bridging the gap between console and portable with the wii-u and 3ds more so than they tried with the gamecube/gba and wii/ds.

In fact, looking at the circle pad for the 3ds it almost makes it seem like the 3ds would be used as a controller option for the wii-u.

Remote play may be a PS thing but that doesnt mean nintendo cant come up with their own way to play the same games from big screen to small screen.

DarkBlood2321d ago

not to mention theres going to be a big connectivity between the smash bro game for the 3DS to the wiiu smash bro game though we wont see anything news about that till the kid icarus game comes out

--Onilink--2321d ago

they even said they had in mind the possibility of also using the 3DS as a controller for WiiU besides the WiiU Pad

Sgt_Slaughter2321d ago

The 3DS will (probably) outsell the Wii and maybe get up to the DS line in-terms of sales. The Wii U... I'm not saying anything until I get details about the console and the controller. Plus a launch list of games would help.

Slade2321d ago

once the 3ds remodel happens 100 mil is a 100 percent occurance

fatalis952321d ago

3DS's games library isn't very big but its got some good games i like resident evil the mercenaries... mario was a bit short 3D worked good on it though

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