SFX-360 Interviews Leader and Master of Choplifter HD Brian Fargo

Andrew writes:

"When I think of the game Choplifter HD, I think of a classic game that I spent hours playing known as Choplifter. To me, with the way it played, you can spend time just saving people and having fun. Now with the launch of Choplifter HD on Xbox Live, PSN, and PC, I thought it would be great to speak with someone who’s been working on the game. With what we’ve seen so far, this game has blown the classic out of the water. Who doesn’t love to cause destruction while trying to save lives? I know I’m in love with that idea.

Today, I’d like to welcome Brian Fargo who’s the Leader of inXile from what I’ve been told. With the launch of Choplifter HD today on Xbox Live, the PlayStation Network, and PC, I spoke with Brian about this new hit title. You must be wondering what things might in be in the game that wasn’t announce before or if DLC is coming and a few pointers for new players. Keep on reading and you’ll find out below. Let’s continue on-wards towards our interview with Brian Fargo."

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