Which of These Five Games Had the Best Writing of 2012?

Every year the Writers Guild of America awards a special Outstanding Achievement in Video Game Writing award to the team responsible for the most memorable interactive entertainment script. Which of these five titles will walk away a winner on February 19?

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WolfLeBlack2237d ago

I'm quite surprised that neither Portal 2 nor Deus Ex: Human Revolution made the list.

That's an interesting five games. I felt that AC: Revelation's writing wasn't up to the standard set by ACII and Brotherhood, but was still enjoyable, especially the last half hour of the game.

Batman: Arkham City was also highly enjoyable, but was pretty simple stuff.

I felt Brink had a great premise but it was never really fleshed out enough.

As for Mortal Kombat, it was a solid way to retell and reshape the Mortal Kombat timeline, and I did find it quite amusing, but the writing didn't impress me that much.

And I can't comment on Uncharted 3.

Out of the five I'd go with Revelations.

CrimsonEngage2237d ago

I have to say Mortal Kombat. The story took place after Armageddon and they re-made a classic by going back in time and showing off the story and characters really well. Something past games lacked due to technology.

-Mika-2236d ago

Why the hell is MK on that list. Like what is going on here.

Zha1tan2236d ago

Arkham city gets my vote.

Kingdom Come2236d ago (Edited 2236d ago )

As a comic fan, I found the story of Batman: Arkham City to have left much to be desired. The story felt somewhat predictable and featured a number of plot wholes. Also SPOILER!

Talia's death had no impact due to the lack of appearance in Asylum and was a desperate means of expressing Jokers sadistic side. I would much rather have had him kill Selina (Huge impact due to players interaction with her) or even Harley. Also, there was little sense of scale, despite knowing of Gotham's danger, there was no sense of an outer city in peril or sense of hastiness.

I hope Rocksteady look to Brian Azzerello and Lee Bermejo's porjects together for inspiration for their future instalments for both artistic and literary purposes. They express a more sadistic gritty Gotham City and a darker Batman. And as for Joker, well, people don't know Joker until they've read "Joker".

Bioshocking2234d ago

Dude.. I totally agree with you. I actually preferred Arkham Asylum's story and writting a lot more than Ac.

The story just lacked so much, and it annoyed me because they left so many questions unanswered. Its a good story for people whom are getting into Batman, but Batman veterans were WTF at the end.

One does not simply kill the Joker and end it with Batman walking towards the screen. Felt like a cock block.

The award should go to Uncharted 3 or Assassins Creed.

Or even MK... the MK story was really funny.

MegaSackman2236d ago

Mortal Kombat?

What about Portal 2, Bastion, The Witcher 2? just to name three games that crush Mortal Kombat in terms of script...

This is stupid.

mistajeff2236d ago

i didn't play mortal kombat so i can't say anything about it, but the three games you mentioned DEFINITELY deserve to be there over brink.

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