2012 Microsoft Predictions | For the Love of Gaming

2012 is a big year for gaming. We already have one console releasing, and if the rumors are true we could have two. Microsoft has been making a lot of changes int their digital space with Kinect, and new dashboard experience. The big question is, what does 2012 have is store for Microsoft and the Xbox 360?

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bozebo2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

If the rumours are true we could also have bigfoot and aliens...

Anyway, next year from MS I want to hear about a Lost Odyssey 2 and I hope that Halo 4 doesn't ruin the franchise.

It's about time they get some new exclusives on the go too, maybe allow Lionhead to regain some of their dignity at some point? A new Black and White would work extremely well with Kinect, not that a mouse wouldn't still be better but the novelty of Kinect would be pretty cool in it.

BattleTorn2263d ago (Edited 2263d ago )

I, for one, can not wait to see the next Xbox.

MS usually do like to make a splash as E3, and right now I don't see what they could do it that with, other than showing their new console.
Plus Halo 4 could make for a wonderful bridge like what Halo2 did with the Original and the 360.

theeg2263d ago

i disagree that the new 360 will not be out this year in 2012.

the 360 is going into it's 7th year

there will be a nextbox out in 2012, most likely october-november.