How Cops Use Xbox Consoles to Catch Crooks

A report on Ars Technica, using recently-leaked correspondence from a digital forensics mailing list, shows how authorities across the US can and do work with Microsoft to snag criminals with Xbox 360s both on and offline.

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TheHardware2356d ago

The Snitch Box.....J/K go get em coppers!

gamingdroid2356d ago

Kind a like that, snitch box! sbox....

gamingdroid2356d ago

LOL! Just ran across this:

"I recently did a PS3 on a P2P [peer-to-peer file-sharing] case. The 'bad guy' had installed yellow dog linux at one point on the PS3. the hard drive was behind a flap on one end. I removed a couple of screws and pulled out the drive, hooked it to a write-blocker, and it imaged fine. He was storing a lot of cartoon porn....."

kma2k2356d ago

not trying to be a smart ass, but after reading most of the article if these guys are computer forensic guys & they couldnt pull the info off the hdd using there tools couldnt they have just gone & bought a 360 to access the information directly throught the 360? I mean that seems like common sense to me. I know that wouldnt work with a ps3 since it forces a hdd format but isnt the 360 hdd just plug & play?