How much DLC is too much?

Modern Warfare 3 will be getting 20 DLC packs over the next 9 months. Which begs the question: how much DLC is too much?

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xxLuckyStrike2232d ago (Edited 2232d ago )

Activision= MW= Greed

LOGICWINS2232d ago (Edited 2232d ago )

If someone is dumb enough to keep giving you money, why wouldn't you take?

Theres a difference between being an opportunist and being greedy. A victim of greed is a person who gets screwed and can do NOTHING about it. On the other hand, the victim of an opportunist is a person who WILLINGLY agrees to be taken advantage of.

Army_of_Darkness2232d ago

Logicwins has a very good point. Well it aint my problem since I'm not really into cod anyways.enjoy your $200+ mw3 games guys! Lol!

xxLuckyStrike2232d ago

U can slice it any way you want.. Greed is greed and theirs (activision) is out of control.. An opportunist takes what they need when the moment arrives.. A greedy s.o.b. keeps milking the cow regardless of how much milk is already in the fridge.

LOGICWINS2232d ago (Edited 2232d ago )

^^Greed is when you exploit someone else for your own gain without the exploitee's consent. In this case, it isn't greed because the people that buy this DLC don't feel like they are being exploited, they feel like they are getting a good deal.

If you have the OPTION to not spend your money, but CHOOSE to spend your money...your not being exploited, your just making an exchange: Money for what you BELIEVE is content that is worth the money.

xxLuckyStrike2232d ago

Homeboy you can still view greed from a distance, not participate and still see that it's GREED!!! quit trying to push you pov on me.. Our definitions of greed obviously are different.. They hack their games up to make more money. 20 new items = 4 to 5 map packs at $15 a pop.. I think it's greedy regardless if I decide to buy it or not

Outside_ofthe_Box2232d ago (Edited 2232d ago )

~*"In this case, it isn't greed because the people that buy this DLC don't feel like they are being exploited, they feel like they are getting a good deal."*~

Just because you don't 'feel' like you are being exploited and just because you 'feel' like it's a good deal doesn't mean that's the case.

With that said, everything you stated is null and void. Activision is greedy. Plain and simple.

JaredH2231d ago

I wonder if Infinity Ward's new game will still come out in 2 years since they're spending resources and people on DLC for nine months.

Lazy_Sunday2231d ago (Edited 2231d ago )

I'm pretty sure the DLC packs aren't individual contents, but packed much like the original DLC content packs, with 3-5 playable maps. They're also adding additional content (I don't know if they're doing guns or modes additionally, it's still ubiquitous, even if the community demonizes it they know it will generate revenue). It's too much for consumers when there are 10+ content packs for a game. I remember when I was into LBP looking for the MGS pack, and being that it was among costumes and stickers and whatnot, it was an annoyance.

The real greed you should be concerned with is that Activision is still following Microsoft's delay deal with the PS3 and PC even through Elite--which is a third party service and should not be included into Microsoft's DLC exclusivity deal since it's not a part of it at all. That is greed at work. Not to mention it still hasn't delivered any content to it's paying customers.

I don't pay for CoD games anymore, but my little brother, amongst many others on the game, are beginning to start an outcry for how they feel ripped off with the game, and sort of regretting that decision to spend $65 on a $20 DLC pack.

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TheFreak2232d ago (Edited 2232d ago )

Are you smart? Give me knowledge pls, I buy map packs dumb dumb me :(

LOGICWINS2232d ago

You misunderstand. I don't believe that people who buy map packs are dumb. It's there money and they can do whatever the hell they want with it.

The "dumb" part was a hyperbole.

scrambles2232d ago

you better hope AC3 has more innovation or as much as AC2 cuz if it doesnt the irony will b so strong due to ur pic.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF2232d ago (Edited 2232d ago )

I think this is wrong. Isn't it supposed to be 20 different things in the DLC packs, instead of 20 actual packs?

I mean... what's the maps now? 5 maps a pack right? Black Ops was like 4 maps and 1 zombie map.

Isn't this supposed to be, there's going to be either 4 packs with 5 maps each, or 5 packs with 4 maps each.

Something like that.

That's out of the norm at all.

Edit... wow. I see LOGICWINS is down to 3 bubbles. It's amazing how fast your bubbles can go down in this land of the SDF, isn't it? :)

Edit 2 more time, because I'm down to 1 bubble from that very same! Anyhooo.. the site that wrote this.. they have no link for their info, as far as I could find. All they say is... "Activision just announced that Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 will be getting a staggering amount of DLC over the next 9 months...."

But no link to this announcement. This is new news? Being a COD Elite member, I already knew long ago the map packs I was getting.

Edit 3... HA! I knew I was right. Here, look on my site, I have a picture from Elite that shows it's 20 PIECES OF NEW MW3 DLC.... this link takes you right to the real info, on my site. php?topic=4104.msg53396#msg533 9 6

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Majin-vegeta2232d ago

*Remember when maps used to be free? Remember when instead of a few maps for $15, we got huge expansion packs for $20? Those were the good old days…*

Yea remember when we use to buy a game and got a complete experience without having parts taken out??

OT:This DlC crap is starting to get out of hand seriously i'm sure all this stuff could have been fitted on to the disk.

FinaLXiii2232d ago (Edited 2232d ago )

Yea remember when we use to buy a game and got a complete experience without having parts taken out??

you can always wait for the price drop and get all of it much cheaper, the only thing is that CoD games take years to drop the price lol.

fooxy2232d ago

Or you simply hop on cragislits and get it for half the retail price, question is why would anybody spend even half on this copy paste garbage...

just_looken2231d ago

"Yea remember when we use to buy a game and got a complete experience without having parts taken out?? "

i remember that aswell as games that lasted a long time months and months before that got repetitive heck the old mp p2p games were waaay better then the garbage crap today. i have yet this gen to play a mp game and keep playing it after 7months so much repetitive copy/paste copy what the other guy is doing bs this gen. Lets hope TM is good.

iamnsuperman2232d ago (Edited 2232d ago )

Depends how much we are willing to spend. The amount of MW3 map packs are to make you buy the elite (which saves you money if you are going to get all of them).

Soldierone2232d ago

This depends entirely on how complete the game is. Is the SP 6 hours long and the multiplayer only has so many maps? Then any DLC is too much and should of been in the actual game.

Is the SP rather long and complete? Is the multiplayer in depth and awesome? Then DLC is welcome.

Old maps shouldn't be DLC though....remember Rainbow Six Vegas 2? Especially if its using the same exact friggin engine.

NYC_Gamer2232d ago (Edited 2232d ago )

really depends on the user base of the product.if they're willing to support the dlc why not pump it out daily.

FinaLXiii2232d ago (Edited 2232d ago )

exacly if fans want it why not charge for it.

Fylus2232d ago

Because that's just greedy companies exploiting ignorant gamers and taking their money (Which could be used on much more productive things).

FinaLXiii2232d ago

dont buy it then simple enough.

Fylus2232d ago

True, but not so much for the casual user base of the CoD franchise. They will buy it because they feel like they HAVE to. Tell me I'm wrong.

Hicken2232d ago

Which won't stop plenty of other people who don't care enough. And the trend will continue, moving into other franchises and genres, until it's in everything. You, meanwhile, won't be buying anything because you don't like it; you'll be pushed out of gaming, and the industry will move on without you.

"Not buying" simply is persuasive enough when you've got millions who may not like it, but don't care enough to NOT contribute to the problem. You have to make noise in order to get anything changed.

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