Anyone Can Sing the Halo Theme Underground. And Sing it Damn Well.

Welshman Jonny Mason was exploring some abandoned oil chambers with pals when one of them thought, yes, these acoustics are just perfect for a rendition of the Halo theme.

And what do you know. They totally were.

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blumatt2233d ago

That was awesome. lol While I don't personally like Halo the game, I LOVE the theme song to Halo. It's cool as hell. I've always thought so.

ChiVoLok02233d ago

Hilarious. It sounded so good I was expecting to hear the next part of the song where the action music starts lol.

spicelicka2233d ago

damn that's crazy, halo has the greatest music ever

SignifiedSix2233d ago

Don't see how someone could disagree with that. Some of the music on that game gives you goosebumps. Just like that gave me goosebumps. :O
My step-dad hates the game, but he loves the music. Lol.

Hicken2233d ago

I could disagree after listening to a few FF soundtracks, or Castlevania:SotN, or Nier, or Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon (bought this game BECAUSE of the soundtrack).

Yeah, Halo has some pretty good music, but saying it's the greatest ever is stretching it.

I didn't hit disagree, by the way. Just making a case for how someone COULD.