Twisted Metal new gameplay and details - Qore

Check out new gameplay and new details from Twisted Metal.

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DigitalRaptor2296d ago

Good lord!

Looking mighty sweet. Day one for sure!

KeybladeMaster2296d ago

The story looks like its going to be dark.... I love it!

gigreen2296d ago

Looks crazy, this might turn into the best multiplayer game.

Legionaire20052295d ago

This is going to own every game in February and March combine!!! This is the best year of gaming ever!!! It would be wishful thinking if this game sold 1 billion copies like Modern Warfare 3!!! If that was true then that would put PS3 to the top for Sony. This game was original my most anticipated game for 2011, now its 2012!!! Halo 4 is now my runner up, and Bioshock Infinite is my 3rd.

Tonester9252295d ago

Wow! This whole time I thought that Twisted Metal was going to be 4 player split screen ONLINE. Lol

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