Activision's Battleship announced

Activision bringing new first-person shooter to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 this year, from the developer behind Silent Hill: Homecoming.

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SoundGamer2290d ago

Yeah, there's a spread on it in the latest GameInformer. I'm not keen on movie based games. Plus, this almost has nothing to do with Battleship the tabletop game that we knew and loved. D;

Bundi2290d ago

Kevin Butler will love this one

DaveMan2290d ago

Could be either really terribad, or it might end up being a decent rental.

Not sure. Most movie based games suck, and the fact that it's not a top 20 developer, and the fact we're only hearing about it now when it's due in May could only mean this is a rushed project specifically made for the film.

Hope for the best, but will most likely suck balls.

MrBeatdown2290d ago

Even though this will probably suck, it sounds like a concept that has potential.

Kran2290d ago

"It’s not a movie-based title"

"- Based on the film’s license"

Lol whut? So in other words, it's like Avatar was...

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