How Battlefield 3 & Modern Warfare 3 Improved Your Life

You’ve already heard all about the negative effect of violent video games on children, amongst other negative statements about gaming–you know, that trash they spew out all over the media 24/7–heck, we have all heard far too much about that already, but what’s the positive effect of video games? How have Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3, along with other shooting games, improved our lives? investigates.

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hiredhelp2200d ago (Edited 2200d ago )

Bf3 did not improve my life it made it worse i payed just under a grand building another pc for this game.

Well not just this game but worth it for me anyways.

Paulh822200d ago

lol yeah I can see how paying a grand for it might not have helped you much.

just_looken2199d ago (Edited 2199d ago )

so true i bet alot of people got new rigs or upgraded there current one just to get shafted by 3 drm's and the bs ban's/patch's hacker's aswell as the exclusive origin bs. Bf3/Mw3 two of the the biggest generic over hyped fps's available. only thing separates bf3 to mw3 is the ability to drive vehicles/fly and teamwork(well at times teamwork).

seriously dont we have enough military shooter's

Hufandpuf2200d ago

BF3 made my sex life worse

hiredhelp2200d ago

Wow thankfully not effected me that much. LoL

memots2199d ago

My friend wife agree's with you. She hates that game. But i would never give my wife a pass on sex in favor of bf3 lol

gamernova2199d ago

Made my reflexes better :D

memots2199d ago

Bf3 has taken over all my other games. I am a total addict and all my friend got it too. I want to make room to play some Gt3 , Resistance 3 and even Driver S-F .. But evertime i find time to play,,,,