What does YouTube mean to Xbox?

In submission for Xbox's 'More than Games' campaign here's a humorous look at what YouTube could offer the Xbox 360.

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RaidensRising2232d ago

Youtube is very well implemented on Xbox 360's new dash.

MariaHelFutura2230d ago

It's give you the ability to watch Youtube on your Xbox360 console. It's magic.

meetajhu2230d ago ShowReplies(1)
WolfLeBlack2231d ago

It offers me the ability to watch funny cat videos evertime I get my ass kicked in on Battlefield 3. Once the cats have suffeciently cheered me up, I'm ready to go again!

killcycle2230d ago

That is so very sad lol

WolfLeBlack2230d ago

It's just a joke, mate ;)

KingSlayer2231d ago

Nothing. Least of all, the privilege of paying to access a free site. The app is free, access to the free content isn't. Yeah, what a wonderful addition. I'll stick to uploading straight from my PS3 game and use the browser to watch

Tanir2230d ago ShowReplies(2)
RedDead2230d ago (Edited 2230d ago )

Youtube is a bonus feature for XBOX live users. If you're a Ps3 only owner then it doesn't affect you does it? It's good for Xbox only owners, it's a bonus to their Xbox live subscription, this is hardly going to bring new users. It's nothing but an addition that wasn't there before.

Also, I would rather use a Pc for the internet, not a shi**y Ps3 browser. Ps3's browser and Xbox's 'features' are useless to me since I have a PC, that doesn't mean they are useless for everyone.

So in answer to the title "What does YouTube mean to Xbox?"

It's a great bonus to an already great service. Also Tanir, who is paying 60 for Youtube? They're paying 60 for Xbox live.

dark-hollow2230d ago

You dont pay 60$ for youtube only!!!
Its like saying you are paying $250 on the ps3 to watch blue ray movies.

m232230d ago

The HD videos are awesome to watch on the big screen. I no longer have to pull out my laptop if I want to show someone a funny video I saw.