BioWare responds to Star Wars: The Old Republic's low-resolution textures

DSOGaming writes: "If you’ve been playing BioWare’s MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic, you have definitely noticed the difference between the in-game and cinematic textures. We’ve all been waiting for BioWare’s response to this, and it seems that the company has been experiencing technical issues with the high-resolution textures. At least that’s what SWTOR’s Community Manager, Stephen Reid, stated on SWTOR’s official forum."

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h311rais3r2201d ago

Hopefully they improve the Ingame textures cuz I currently run it at 120fps at 1080p.....

sonicsidewinder2201d ago

BeAware: "Derm, yeh we 'ad to make em baby mode textures so more people's PC's can play da gayme init."

Me: "So...why not make the more detailed, more advanced textures anyway for those that CAN use them? Surely it would only require a simple options menu mechanic for the poor player?"

BeAware: "Cus da gayme'z got lightsabers init. Heh." *goofy smile*

Me: *face full of contempt*.

Laziness hidden under the guise of being efficient.