Pachter: Wii U not a next-gen console, Microsoft isn't afraid

Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter says that Microsoft views the Wii U as "an Xbox 360 with a tablet controller".

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richierich2294d ago

I just hope it is more powerful than 360 and PS3 and not on par with these current gen consoles. It would be stupid to pay more for the WiiU if it isnt more powerful

disturbing_flame2294d ago (Edited 2294d ago )

Nintendo is actually aiming at its core fanbase, there are actually nearly 95 millions Wii users.

So this console is actually meant to be sold to this base of users in the first time.

Nintendo wants players to hype the new device for them to attract new gamers on this market.

Now for them the challenge will be to make people think that Kinect is not the best gadget for a casual experience, at this game it seems that Microsoft did fairly the right choice. Kinect is attracting more and more casual gamers. It will be a battle for the market in the US.

With the new tablet nintendo will try to offer to users a new way to use its console. it looks like they are not focusing on power. They want a friendly family use with wii U.

darthv722294d ago

nintendo isnt aiming at "next-gen" but current gen. Yes the wii is considered current because of its release cycle but it is an upgraded gamecube. Technically that would be last gen so them making a real current gen system is what they were shooting for.

The family friendly wii and then the more technical wii-u. Selling point is the controller for the wii-u and its ability to transfer the game playing from big screen to little screen. Something i am sure the likes of sony, ms and even apple are watching closely.

Having a platform that can be used differently but retain the same game experience is a sign of things to come. nintendo happens to be doing it their way in that you play the games on the big screen and can play them on the little screen as well but you arent really getting that portability they are so famous for.

Apple, sony or even MS could go a slightly different route by having a really powerful portable that can play on a big screen. Doing something nintendo hadnt done with the wii-u. Real portability.

ronin4life2294d ago

The wiiu will use different tech to offer different types of games than what is possible now... that means it is next generation.
Graphic and processing power are only part of this, not the whole. From nes to gc, the only thing needed to make possible new gameplay experiences was an major upgrade in these things, but that is becoming less and less the case as time goes on.

EVILDEAD3602294d ago (Edited 2294d ago )

I've actually said this before, Nintendo REALLY has to have a SMOKING E3 come June in regards to Wii-U.

This honesty isn't just about the power of the console.

Believe me, if the video from E3 holds true and we are all playing Wii-U with our old Wii-motes and there can only be one tablet as the early reports suggested, then Nintendo is in for a bumby ride.

Pachter said in the quote that neither Microsoft nor Sony are scared. But, why would they be?

Wii-U may not be physically available until November. (earlier if Nintendo is smart)

In Micrsoft's case they still have wiggle room for a price-cut, a smoking hot Kinect (with still nothing like it on the market), the holiday led by Halo 4, and Xbox Live is still a HUGE factor if Nintendo can't match it online. Lastly, the 300 pound gorilla in the room is an E3 Xbox 720 announcement.

In Sony's case, you still are the only Blu-ray on the market, you still have a holiday that may include at least 'Last guardian' with E3 announcements of Last of Us and God of War 4 for 2013 (if not sooner). Both PSN & Move will still be factor, and the holiday bundles next year that are going to be sickening.

But, let's not forget that Treyarch is still going have Black Ops 2 in the hands of millions of Xbox & PS3 gamers playing over Xbox LIve/PSN in November as well.

Again, I'm saying it's going to be a different battle this time around for consumer dollars this go-around.

But, Nintendo could shock us all come E3 with a launch that features a new wirweless controller, a next gen Wii Sports, Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart, and a brand new Super Mario Galaxy w/ Zelda & Metroid lurking not too far behind.

We would all then cry, buy our Wii-Us at launch and Nintendo would be back to printing money again.

Only time will tell, but I'm definately crossing my fingers and rooting for Nintendo as I always have.


kneon2294d ago


There have been reports that they are trying to add support for more than one of the tablet controllers. That is essential, as any parent knows, having only one such device is going to be nothing but trouble as the kids fight over who get's the "cool" controller and who has to use the boring old WiiMotes.

Personally the new controller looks too big and clunky, it doesn't seem like it will be comfortable to use, especially for extended periods of time.

EVILDEAD3602294d ago

@ kneon

I honestly hope those reports are true. They had to have heard all the criticism from what we saw @ E3.

The tablet idea isn't bad, but to only have one and rely on our Wii motes as back up just seems like they are headed backwards.

I just hope they have something up their sleeve that no one is aware of at the moment.


BattleAxe2294d ago (Edited 2294d ago )

The WiiU will not catch on, and like I keep saying, this is the next Dreamcast. Its a shame really because Nintendo used to be relevant, but they are living off of past success and gimmicks like motion controls and now a tablet controller. By this time next year, either Microsoft or Sony will have announced their next console, and then interest in the WiiU will quickly turn away as the WiiU is relegated to the realm of obscurity.

My prediction is that the WiiU will last no more than 3 years. The general public is beginning to see that Microsoft and Sony are the exciting companies to watch, and are the two companies that keep pushing console technology forward while Nintendo brings up the rear of every generation by matching console technology that has already been out for 5 - 7 years.

On a brighter note, I just hooked up my original NES I've had from when I was a kid, and it still works like a charm. The games are a bit harder to find these days, but I've managed to find some of the good classics in some pawn shops and a really good retro gaming store in my neighborhood. I've still got my original Sega Genesis, but it doesn't appeal to me as much, and it didn't have games that are as memorable as what was on the NES, except for Street Fighter 2.

kneon2294d ago


I have no problem with the concept of adding a touch screen to the controller, it's just that this implementation seems too big.

Anon19742293d ago

They may be working on support for multiple tablets, but they're telling developers to only expect one. If this support comes at a later date, it may be too late.

Like another mentioned...I'm a parent. One child with the big fancy controller and their friends with regular Wii-Mote's - that sounds like a nightmare to me.

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dark-hollow2294d ago

what is the wii u hardware?
The Gpu? no?? What about the cpu???nothing too??
Ok ok at least the ram??? Oh dear....

Jejojaja2294d ago (Edited 2294d ago )

Exactly, we know nothing, NOTHING at all about the wii-u (except How the controller looks), yet people can't stop hating on Nintendo.(not sayin ur hatin darkhollow)

I mean damn, the Wii-U has to be the most hated unreleased console ever.

Nintendo said it will have better online,
support 1080p, aiming towards the hardcore audience, and a new controller that gives a great deal of interesting ideas to the table(t)(lol). Yet somehow they are still doing everything wrong...

I guess you "hardcore gamers" wants the exact same controller every generation as long as you get better hardware.

I really want to know how the reactions on this site would differ if it was sony/ms who introduced these ideas instead.

Stop being so afraid of changes!

kneon2294d ago

Well we don't know what the hardware will be but given Nintendo's past track record it's a pretty safe bet that it will at most be a little ahead of the PS3 and 360 in terms of graphical power.

They need keep the price down to make headway with their installed base. The casuals aren't about to run out and plunk down $500+ when they are happy with their Wii. So given the cost restrictions I can't see it being much ahead of current gen consoles.

Army_of_Darkness2294d ago

But it won't matter cause I kinda already lost faith in Nintendo since the wii was released....

GraveLord2294d ago

It will be roughly on par.
Not enough of a boost in power over the 360 to see any noticeable difference in graphics.

fatstarr2293d ago

its more powerful than all current gen systems.

but really Im sure Sony and Microsoft have fear from Nintendo and they will feel some type of way at E3. especially later on when Wii U launches and sells like hotcakes and then Sony and Microsoft are playing the catch up and act like Nintendo game.

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NYC_Gamer2294d ago (Edited 2294d ago )

i really believe Wii-u should have launched along time ago with the 360/PS3.Nintendo is just now coming to the HD market and will be outdone hardware/spec wise soon as the next PS/Xbox is announced. luckily for Nintendo they have the tablet controller as main selling point along with classic franchises.

Pikajew2294d ago (Edited 2294d ago )

This proves he knows nothing about gaming. It doesn't matter how weak or powerful a system to be part of the next gen(8th gen) The 3DS and Vita are part of it already. Back at E3 devs said the Wii U was 50% more powerful than the PS3 and those weren't the final specs.

There can be a console with an Intel atom and it will be part of the 8th gen

Smashbro292294d ago

It totally matters, the more powerful one has more capability, chances are the WiiU won't match the PS4 and 720 and that just means another generation with Nintendo behind the curve. Lame.

darthv722294d ago

you only need to look at the various generations past to see that the most powerful system didnt have the mass consumer appeal.

They sold well...yes but it was usually the lesser powerful that had the games and therefore the sales.

Barkleylola2294d ago

The last 3 console generations, the weakest one won by a landslide. You can add last handheld generation to that now. With the DS selling 150 million.

chadwarden2294d ago

I have a feeling that Nintendo doesn't know what to do with the Wii-U

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