The top 5 best niche first person shooters

Here's a list here of the best first person shooters which would be considered niche when compared to those games which have been universally accepted.

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Noteworthy2357d ago

I see these as semi-underdog games, one or two had been misconceived.

Rage had been deceiving to me as I expected a gritty Borderlands, instead it turned out to be much of a straight forward, good looking FPS.

The others I have yet to play, so highlighting them helped.

Sanetoshi2357d ago

Reading this, it occurs to me that I really need to get around to playing F3AR. I played and loved the first, but found the second dull and couldn't get through it. I've heard the third is a big improvement. Sounds like I'm far from the only one who didn't give F3AR a chance, though.

RaidensRising2357d ago

Is RAGE niche? Love the pic of Friday!

Trenta272357d ago

I'm playing Rage now. Never been more bored in my entire life.

SolidGear32357d ago

You're . Doing . It . Wrong .

LewisDenby2357d ago (Edited 2357d ago )

What a bizarre article. Rage and Fear 'niche'? What on earth is 'Operation Flashpoint 2'? And - uh - the screenshot for Singularity is actually the main menu of a completely different game.

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