The Unbearable Heaviness Of My Skyrim Inventory

Phillippa Warr of Hufftington POst writes:

Gaming inventories are both a blessing and a hideous curse.

Let's dispense with the 'blessing' part of this quickly. Inventories exist to allow the player freedom to collect all manner of gubbins to aid them in their quests. Developers usually put a limit on said inventory (be it weight, quantity or some other measure) to force the player to specialise in a skill or to play strategically instead of becoming monstrously overpowered. All very useful stuff.

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biffhamly2260d ago (Edited 2260d ago )

The final solution at the end is actually a pretty interesting idea

h311rais3r2260d ago

Just mod away the weight. Not like it matters anyway lol

Bathyj2260d ago

My inventory sh*ts me.

After a very long trek through and underground city I had Lydia carrying about 4 tons of of stuff. Literally, no exaggeration.

Then came the task of trying to sell it. Give me a break, I've spent as much time going from shopkeep to shopkeep and back the the thieves guide with stolen gear as I did finding the stuff in the first place.

Faztkiller2260d ago

If your speech is high invest in riverwood store they get 12,000 wait two days it restores

DlocDaBudSmoka2260d ago

how do you invest in the stores? ive tried all the "conversation" parts and nothing. perhaps im not far enough along yet? but i doubt thats it, im about 35 hrs into the game.

itz_zombies2260d ago

@DlocDaBudSmoka its a perk in the speech skill

Kal8532260d ago (Edited 2260d ago )

Since finishing the Thieve's Guild quest line, I've found that the Ragged Flagon is the only place I need to go to unload all of my collected items. Tonilia has 4000 gold every 48 hours so I can sell her all the crap I don't want, I can forge all the raw materials I've aquired into even more valuable armor & weapons at the blacksmith's forge, and store everything I want to keep in any of the chests in the Cistern. On top of that, there's 3 additional merchants in the Flagon in case I need to buy or sell weapons or potions. Since getting higher level potions and enchanted items, I can trim the weight of my essential carried stuff to about 83 out of 350.

Edit: My biggest problem, if you can call it that, is that since finishing No Stone Left Unturned and getting the Prowler's Perk, I'm finding so many damned gems everywhere that it's hard to get rid of them fast enough. Even worse, and this is more of a commentary on the game design than anything else, I've got like 300K in Septims and nothing left to spend it on. It'd be awesome if they released some super-expensive but incredible items or homes in future dlc. How awesome would it be if you could buy the Blue Palace.

banjadude2260d ago (Edited 2260d ago )

Once construction kit arrives, the almighty BAG OF HOLDING will tide us all over.

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