Asura's Wrath Demo is a WTF machine

Why would anyone release a demo that made their game look like it was just a QTE fest? Press X to not die!

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jthamind2323d ago

my GF tried the demo and said it was flat out horrible, button mashy gameplay and far too many QTEs. i'm about to try it in a few minutes. lol.

darthv722323d ago

it was quite easy and yes there was some button mashing (b button mostly). I liked the art style. Very much like the ssf4 graphics design.

jthamind2322d ago

just played the demo. the game is honestly trash. it's all mashing, all QTEs, a total borefest. i mean, not only is the gameplay downright terrible, but it's too easy as well. easy + terrible gameplay = ZZZZZZ. the art style was cool, and the scope of it was nice, but it was just horribly executed. i know people have different tastes, but i honestly can't see how someone could like this game.

SilentNegotiator2322d ago

Cutscene, QTE, something almost resembling gameplay, QTE, QTE, QTE, cutscene, QTE.......ZZZZZZZZZ....

YourFlyness2323d ago (Edited 2323d ago )

I love it, made me want the game 1 here

Im a fan of story-driven games

Brownghost2322d ago

i respect your decision and hope you enjoy

shoddy2322d ago

Agree this game is god of war on steriod.
It's an awsome WTF.

smashman982323d ago

goty is a stretch but definitely a day one buy

Ezio20482322d ago

i have tried the game...
surely there are many QTE's (way too much)...but man the gameplay and boss battles feel great!

really getting it day 1!

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The story is too old to be commented.