1UP: How is Zelda: A Link to the Past Different From (and Better Than) Its Sequels?

There’s a hard demarcation in the Zelda games, one that’s as much spiritual as it is technological. The series changed when it made the jump into 3D, and not just because of the more convoluted controls or expanded combat options. It’s a self-evident change. 1998’s Ocarina of Time is essentially the quest from its Super NES predecessor, A Link to the Past, reworked into the shape of a grand polygonal epic. And it is grand indeed -- a groundbreaking work that defined the shape of games to come. And yet, brilliant as it is, I find far more satisfaction in the more modest rendition of those same concepts as they’re seen in A Link to the Past.

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ChickeyCantor2378d ago

Playing this as a kid was magical.
I still think it holds up to many standards of today (2D game).

banjadude2378d ago

Definitely my [most] favourite Zelda game.

Neo Nugget2378d ago

Eh, I think it just depends on people's taste in games. While I played this game when it came out on the GBA and enjoyed it immensely, it probably isn't my favorite Zelda game. That prize would probably go to either Wind Waker or Majora's Mask.

I also believe it has to do a lot with nostalgia and which game had the greatest impact on your childhood.

Gr812378d ago

I can say I enjoyed OoT more. But I can see the argument of which is the better game coming down to personal preference.

One thing to remember is that OoT is as close to the classic Zelda's as the 3D titles have ever gotten. post OoT each game has found its self branching off from OoT's skeleton as opposed to looking at the games that shaped OoT's core. NES Zelda's and Alttp.

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