Twinfinite- The Final Fantasy XIII-2 Demo, or Why I Fear the Honeymoon Phase

Having been burned by Square Enix repeatedly over the past few years, my love for the PS1 Final Fantasies left to bleed out in the gutter as game after game smashed my happy memories to pieces, I kept myself miles away from the hype train for Final Fantasy XIII-2, direct sequel to one of the more love-it-or-hate-it installments in the franchise, but with the demo now available, I decided it was time to take a look. With a heavy heart and a skeptical outlook, I tried out the demo for XIII-2.

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BigDollarZoe9542356d ago

They had alot of things i liked in the demo NPC'S a sort of town area and much more cant wait for the full game now time for disagrees get ready for the haters to come trash talk and bash this preview shaking my head sigh

silkrevolver2356d ago

I completely agree.
I think I’ll like this way more than the first. (Which was pretty good, in my book).
Fingers crossed!!!

blitz06232356d ago

To me this game is basically all the content that should have been in XIII. The story is apparently crap, but who I knows I may end up liking it. What I'm really after is gameplay and content so I'm sure I will like this game.

iamtehpwn2356d ago (Edited 2356d ago )

Strange to say, but my favorite feature out of all the new and returning features is MogClock.

Battles in XIII would drag on forever at times. Staggering an enemy would sometimes seem to take a long time. Mogclock though allows for battles to go by a lot faster by giving you things like Haste and preemptive strike.

You can also run from battles now easier than XIII and without having to get into the battle first and then waiting to escape them after the loading like I-X. Whatever the rest of the game is like remains to be seen, but the Encounter system is probably the best in the series thus far.

Outside_ofthe_Box2356d ago (Edited 2356d ago )

No, 12 had the best encounter system of the series and versus 13 looks like it might take that crown from 12.

I do applaud SE for actually taking a step forward for once. 13-2 is definitely better than 13 gameplay-wise so all hope isn't lost for SE.

GraveLord2356d ago

My favorite was the monster party system. I can see myself "catching them all" in the full game.

I really like how the camera is much easier to control now. SE really did fix everything,

Slade2356d ago

The game rules, its fact

Troll-without-Bridge2356d ago

Type-0 was already fantastic, this game looks to be very good as well.

maddfoxx2356d ago (Edited 2356d ago )

I didnt like the first game, but I just played the 13-2 demo and it was pretty good. I like all of the new features. The NPC's are a nice touch. You can tell that each has its own AI. They react to monsters in the field and to mog.

Allowen2356d ago

The demo was good enough but the interface of the Menus and the music were a lot less elaborated then in FF13.

The music during the fights in FF13 is the best of any FF game .
But on this FF13-2 they changed all the great sound track from the original game .That sucked.

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