Battlefield 3′s VO Producer On “Dialed Down” Language and Incoming Teamwork “Updates”

MP1st - Obviously, DICE made a number of improvements to Battlefield 3 after data was gathered from their Beta. However, there was one aspect in particular that was noticeably “dialed down” since the Beta.

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Majin-vegeta2352d ago

Yea i noticed i don't hear "Get a load of this @$$hole"anymore.

Also they need to give something to snipers that can help against vehicles like they could on BFBC2.

cyborg69712352d ago

Yea it was nice that you could call in mortors as a sniper. I miss that as well.

ThichQuangDuck2352d ago

they need to balance mortars so they are not infinite and they cannot just sit in back of spawn mortaring all game.

Da_Evil_Monkey2352d ago

I wouldn't object to ammo for mortars, if they actually made them worth using. They are terrible after the patch.

Hufandpuf2352d ago

They need to bring those VOs back. The game is M so who cares if people are offended. They can always turn off the VOs.

ThichQuangDuck2352d ago

Agreed the game is mature for a reason and it can easily be turned off if people do not wish to hear it.

damnyouretall2351d ago

acually you cant turn off the vo's. but you can change it to german or whatever if you have children around. i think the some of the cursing is uncalled for. "pushing my shit in" i dont need to hear that to enjoy a game. if someone curses too much all the time it gets on my nerves anyways. but thats just me and my opinion

krazykombatant2351d ago

Rated M for MATURE.

Its supposed to be "realistic" view of the battlefield.

Don't really expect to go to war and go... "Oh my GOSHHH they are sooo mean... seriously guysss you sooo silly."

PixL2352d ago

English VO is toned down but not some other languages :)

Just one example: "Nate up your asses, you pricks!" (shouted when you throw a nate under heavy suppression)

suicidalblues2352d ago

Hmmm, by chance do you mean 'nade? As in grenade?

PixL2351d ago

Sure, mistyped that, thanks.

RememberThe3572352d ago

I don't understand why you feel the need to tone down an M rated game. My character screaming slurs always makes me laugh, why DICE would you want to take that from me?

And stop worrying about this sh*t and fix the f*ckin VOiP on my mothaf*ckin PS3!

SITH2352d ago

Even the VO got nerfed

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The story is too old to be commented.