EDGE- Star Wars: The Old Republic Review

EDGE- BioWare hasn’t cast itself as a guerrilla movement trying to subvert the MMOG with The Old Republic. Instead it’s been the Empire, working to produce a slick, gigantic experience that, in the time of free-to-play, feels polished enough to demand monthly fees. How long this empire – vast and imposing, but archaic in structure – will last in the face of newer MMOGs and their rebellious payment models isn’t easy to discern. This isn’t the first of a new order of MMORPG, but it may well be the last of the old.

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Panthers2234d ago

Im gunna be playing this game for a long time as long as BioWare keeps up the good work. They responded very quickly to the first set of bugs that needed patching.

Jdoki2234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

The one thing putting me off this game is the lack of ambiguity in the moral choices.

It's obvious (as the review states) that you either go Good or Dark Side, or are left floundering in the middle ground.

To put it in context of Star Wars... If you took a character such as Han Solo, it's obvious his background is very grey. He's a smuggler, he's done bad stuff and probably screwed over people, but he's also a good guy. Why can't they capture these nuances in games and reward those people who have good AND bad facets.

I've found this problem in just about any RPG with moral choices (Fable is another great example). If my moral choices are being dictated by the end game, they may as well ask me up front if I want to be a good guy or a bad guy.