Assassin's Creed Revelations Creative Director Leaves Ubisoft

GameInformer- Alexandre Amancio, the creative director of Assassin's Creed Revelations, has left Ubisoft. Amancio left the studio to take a new role as chief creative officer at Cossette, a marketing company based in Quebec City, Canada. He first joined Ubisoft in 2005 and previously worked on FarCry 2.

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Bioshocking2354d ago (Edited 2354d ago )

Sorry for the double post... something weird happened

Bioshocking2354d ago

Ok.... I still love the AC franchise.... but they need to do some stuff to make AC 3 amazing

1) My biggest complaint with Revelations and Brotherhood is that they only give you one city to explore... That's not bad, but AC 2 giving you multiple cities gave each one a different feel, making all of the cities stand out more than rome or Constantinople

2) Revamp the combat.... the reason AC 2 was so successful is because there were so many changes from one. Change up to combat so it is challenging

3) Reduce some of the inventory.... give as a few more tools to use... but make each one more important... I mean I stopped using the gun in AC:B because the crossbow killed instantly and was quiet.... so why use the gun? Make every thing feel balanced

4) Make the special armor look good... and make us feel like we worked for it. Seriously the AC 2 tombs felt good and I felt like I was accomplishing something. Not like in revelations or in Brotherhood

5) Add new ways to assassinate...

6) Improve the stealth mechanics... make me feel empowered like in Batman Arkham Asylum... maybe add setpiece stealth moments?

7)Keep the cool stuff like hookblades and the flying machine.

8) Add new stuff... like a line launcher that allows you to create a path to travel via hookblade.

9)Remove or tweak stuff like Den defense and escort/follow missions.

If Ubi can apply these changes and keep the great story... AC 3 will be incredible.

I also wish luck to Alexandre... he really is a cool dude. I wish him the best in his further ventures in this industry

Simon_Brezhnev2354d ago (Edited 2354d ago )

I loved brotherhood i guess because it was my first AC. I hated Revelations only thing good about the game was Altairs back story and the very last cut scene.

Brotherhood made me purchase AC1 and AC2 thats how good it was too me.

I truly hated how they threw Sofia in the story and Ezio pissed me off at the end.

Den Defense should be removed.

AC3 will probably be in two parts i see it coming.

one where you find the temple and knowning Ubi they will do a whole game on just the temple.

RememberThe3572354d ago

I loved the ending(more or less). I thought they ended his story with class. But I kind of agree about Sofia, they could have fleshed out that romance because it felt like it was kind of tossed at us.

And yes, deference needs to be removed, it just got annoying at a certain point.

PhantomT14122354d ago

The math is simple here: stealth is poor in this game since combat is so freaking easy. Why would you go stealthy when you can killstreak 50 guards like a boss? Don't get me wrong, I like how they designed the combat but they should tweak it to make it more challenging, to the point of making us think twice before going on a rampage with the guards.

Seraphim2354d ago (Edited 2354d ago )

seeing as that Brotherhood and Revelations are expansions it's almost fitting how they both provide one location. I will admit though that these expansions have lead to a stagnate game & I find myself forcefully trying to play Revelations.

One of my biggest gripes in the short time w/ Revelations is it's choppy. In that I play a minute then get this BS Desmond scene. I feel the story of Desmond is convoluted and quite hoenstly AC can stand on it's own w/o the backdrop. The driving force behind these Assassins and their story alone are enough to drive and diversify the series... Brotherhood on the other hand had some nice improvements, continued the story nicely....

Anyway I certainly agree w/ many of the solid points you make. Since AC3 will not be an expansion but a new chapter in the game I expect to see different cities, obviously some new hardware since the timeline will likely progress, etc. What needs to be addressed is different kill moves, a better set of side missions, etc. I just hope Ubi doesn't continue to run this game into the ground. These annual expansions for many reasons have me caring less and less......

Bioshocking2354d ago (Edited 2354d ago )

AC 3 will most likely be set in the present... so I am intriuged how Ubi will handle it.... and who will direct it.

Im kind of dissapointed people keep leaving the AC team

PhantomT14122354d ago (Edited 2354d ago )

Surely present will be an important part of the third episode, but I think we'll still see Animus and the past, it's literally in the DNA of the series.