G4TV: PS Vita Hands-On Impressions

G4TV: The PS Vita, Sony's latest handheld, isn't available in the US yet but we know you want our PlayStation Vita impressions, so PS Vita impressions you shall get.

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Titanz2049d ago

Agree with my slogan?

Dante1122049d ago

Man, I can't wait until Feb. From their impression, it seems to be a solid handheld.

jujubee882049d ago

Get a God Damn Vita!"

That's my gen-yuh-ine pitch. What's up?

GribbleGrunger2049d ago

'Vita, putting you in touch'

mayberry2049d ago

Looking at EVERYTHING the vita has and does, the AR free app and cards are amazing! Without even being ou yet it is absolutly clear that The vita is the best handheld ever. Must buy for me!

Navick2049d ago

Have mine pre-ordered with 32 gb memory card... I'm counting the days...

moparful992049d ago

First edition bundle+ starter kit+ Sony official headphones+ vita dock+ uncharted golden abyss+ escape plan= one broke gamer lol... I've never been so excited to just blow half a grand...