Top 10 Video Game Endings

There are a lot of games we wish would never end, but sometimes an ending is so good you could watch it over and over. Check out Cheat Code Central’s trimmed-down list of the best endings ever, why they stood out, and what kept us glued to our seats even while the credits rolled.

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iamnsuperman2349d ago

I am personally not a fan of RDR's ending. It lost all momentum at the end and then expected an emotional response but it didn't get one from me because I was just getting bored and just wanted to finish it.

Non of my favourite endings are on this list (for example infamous 2 good karma ending, AC:B)

blaaah2348d ago

Ocarina of Time ending is better than all of these... giving birth to the split timeline.

I didn't think Portal 2's was anything too special... infact the first one had a better song at the end

lociefer2348d ago

okami ,to the moon, and bastion, could name a few more

morganfell2348d ago

MGS4 for me. Finding out that for the last 20 years of gaming, across all those stories and titles, everything you believed was a lie. It was a phenomenal finale.

bozebo2348d ago

blaaah got disagrees because he didn't say Portal 2 is the best game of all time.

irepbtown2348d ago

Couldn't agree more, MGS4 had a brilliant ending.

I really liked COD4s ending too. It was perfect; dramatic and emotional. You really grew a bond with the other characters (Gaz, Price etc).
One of the best games I've ever played (well, I still play it). Dont have a clue why is isn't on that list.

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iChii2349d ago

RDR's ending wasn't emotional Imo, but I still liked it.

LolololRumz2348d ago


So after telling your family to leave you, going outside your barn to find a crap load of men in front of you, getting shot a load of times and dying in honour wasn't emotional?

I went crazy when I got the chance to shoot at them all you felt the anger of John to try and kill them all. I thought the ending was really sad and loved it!

BlackTar1872348d ago

lol i restarted a couple times to see if i could live.

i was unhappy with ending liked John to much hated his son.

i will miss a RDR2 with no John marsten

Motorola2348d ago

Yeah RDR's ending didn't do it for me. Just an opinion but I felt let down by it.

Bioshocking2349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

Although I don't agree with your views of red deads ending....

I feel that the critics overlook the endings of Infamous 2. Honestly the fans loved both endings as they both reflected both sides of the spectrum of morality.

And also the fact they crafted that song "Fade Away" just made the ending so good.

Honestly... all the comments agree that it was one of the best endings (either good or bad) but the critics never seemed to care. Eh whatever to the critics.... its the fans who matter and Infamous treated the fans right.

Hope there is another

And really Portal 2's ending? I mean... she just recounted the fact she was a potato, kicked you out, sang a song for you, and gave you the companion cube....

Ok... it was a pretty good ending

kneon2349d ago

I felt the RDR ending could have been handled much better.


He had just finished fending off hoards of guys shooting at him so to just walk out and get shot felt stupid and out of character.

They should have had you continue to try and fight them off and go down fighting, it just made no sense for him to die like that after having successfully survived similar encounters numerous times throughout the game. All they had to do was keep throwing enemies in numbers too high for you to survive. It would have had much more impact that way.

As for Infamous 2, both endings should have been on the list

Blacktric2349d ago

"He had just finished fending off hoards of guys shooting at him so to just walk out and get shot felt stupid and out of character."

He sacrificed himself so Ross and his companions would stop chasing his family. If he kept fighting it would've consumed him and his family in the end and his son would've become another outlaw. And because of that he just wanted to end things then and there though obviously things didn't went as well as he hoped.

ReservoirDog3162349d ago

Well, you gotta give them credit for the end of RDR. That "boring" part was the redemption John was fighting for the whole game. Life with his family. And he sacrificed himself for them.

I personally never saw a game end that way and it floored me after spending nearly 50 hours in that world (I never ran when I was on foot). Besides the forgive-the-bad-guy ending of GTA IV and MGS3's ending, nothing ever stuck with me like RDR's ending. Days later I still felt bad.

Gotta love R*.

Euthanasia782348d ago

I agree. It was kinda like the Sopranos ending, which I didn't like either. It was wearing thin hours before this happened. Still a great game. My favorite western style ever. I love the multiplayer to this day. The DLC was great on this game also. Red Dead was a masterpiece, but the ending lacked the emotional punch I wanted. Idk. Maybe I play too many games. LOL

Euthanasia782348d ago

Red Dead is a masterpiece of gaming. It is a timeless game. The type that will be appreciated forever. I personally had a huge emotional response to this. I literally stood up, got the chills, and my jaw dropped. Usually the hero kills everyone and beats the game. This was different. I liked it. Just my opinion, but I stand by it. 2009 GOTY in my book.

Thatguy-3102348d ago (Edited 2348d ago )

I really enjoyed how Kingdom Hearts 2 ended. Was quite emotional driven how that game came to an end. That's why it still remains one of my top games of all time. Still waiting for the 3rd installment. I also thought heavy rain had a one good ending out all of the alternatives. For example when Ethan dies when he had just saved his son. Emotionally driven is key to a great ending.

_Aarix_2348d ago

If you didnt get a emotional response then your a heartless jagaloon.

-Superman-2348d ago

Top for me:

Red Dead Redemption
I really loved it, best ending it had. Dramatic, but true story how father cares about his family and is ready to die for this.

Second is:
Half Life 2 Episode 2, i was shocked when this happend, i never tought it could happen. It lookes so great and then he died so fast...

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acemonkey2349d ago

good endings GTA 4 should be in there that was sad about what all unfold in that.......Infamous 2 both good and bad endings was great

ThichQuangDuck2349d ago

GTA IV ending was not that good in my opinion the characters you made the decision about was rather forced. Would rather see GTA San adreas in there, I agree with Shadow of Colossus and MGS 3. I also enjoyed freedom fighters ending still hoping for a sequel

Capt-FuzzyPants2349d ago

How do you have a list of the best endings without Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core. Everything about was perfect, the music, the voice acting, the animations, and the last battle was thoughtful. It was put together so well.

And FF10.

Zechs342348d ago

Agreed. One of the few games to ever make me cry

NewVegasTroop2348d ago

the final cut scene was already emotional and sad but then...the music, man that was too much for me, it did made me cry but with a smile on my face, it was such a emotional ending, it deserves a spot in ever "best endings" lists

MRMagoo1232349d ago

I love FF8s ending and ff10 and part 2 ending the most of any games.

Conzul2348d ago (Edited 2348d ago )

The ending of Freelancer was quite awesome. Your small band of friends kept diminishing further and further, until you were almost the only one left at the breathtaking finale. The sense of being hunted very hard for the last quarter of the game was unforgettable as well.

I agree with Portal 2 as #1. It was so totally...

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