SkyrimOnline accuse SkyNet for stealing their code and donations; both sides revealed

DSOGaming writes: "As usual, there are two sides to every controversial story, so we'll present you both. According to the one side, SkyNet group stole SkyrimOnline's code and donations. According to the other side, well... they forked and translated SkyrimOnline's coding, therefore SkyrimOnline does not have any power over that translation. SkyNet claims that Github's license (a license that is used in SkyrimOnline's code) allows them to fork it, as it just means that they can have their personal copy of this code."

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Emilio_Estevez2235d ago

Another instance of you can't trust people over the internet.

gamingdroid2235d ago

I'm not taking sides here, but SkyNet group has the power to use the code since it was posted on Github. Github unless a paid account is a open source repository.

Morally? It's questionable....

john22235d ago (Edited 2235d ago )

Precisely what gamingdroid said. They can copy and do the code everything they want legally, but is this the 'right' thing to do? Not, it's not.

adlt2235d ago

If they just took it, then it's not the right thing to do. It's the "asshole" thing to do. C'mon, can you even be proud of work you stole? Even if you changed it?

Brawler2235d ago

@adlt I agree using the code as reference and making your own is fine but taking it and using it and calling it your own is very wrong thing to do.

tack1292235d ago

I don't know who did what. I refuse to take sides on the matter as it's a case of he said, she said over if the code was stolen as well as the PayPal accounts.

Either way I won't be supporting either of their mods. I don't believe either or.