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Destructoid- "If you are no stranger to the type of punishment you remember from playing arcade games in the '80s, Choplifter HD is definitely worth checking out. This is game that doesn't mess around, and doesn't allow you to mess around either. I only wish it would have allowed you to mess around just a little bit more without mutilating your psyche in the process."

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ilovemyps32326d ago (Edited 2326d ago )

ahh, it's great to be able to post again, after a 3days restriction, because i just said 3 sentences in the story "how to get fit". i tried to be fun, talking about girls and "their" dualshocks. i even said i hoped i wouldn't offend nobody, it wasn't my goal, only many thousand times did i read words like dick,shit, or many others, in the thousands stories in n4g, and people don't get restrictions because of that. ok, friends of mine who had told me to come here, had warned me most of people here are 12yo and less, i guess he was true. from now on, i will type *** if i want to say sh*t, for example.
maybe i will get a ban, this time, because of this post, who knows :)
to all guys/girls that felt offended, and clicked on "report" : sorry, kids!

back to the game, even if i'm reading right now the 7/10 it got from destructoid, i think i will pick it. it's the perfect little game to download from psn.
all the gameplay videos i had seen, the game always looked really cool. i will wait for a few more reviews, if it keep getting 7-8 or more, i will not hesitate.
we don't get that kind of games/gameplay every year, so it's good to get some fresh air.