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Back in 2008 when Star Wars: The Old Republic was announced I was generally excited but I had feared it to just be a next-gen Star Wars: Galaxies. I, like many others, spent a lot of time when SW:G launched only to see Sony Online tear apart the experience and replace the good parts with streamlined, cluttered crap. At first, I dismissed The Old Republic as a huge risk for BioWare and EA (EA especially after the disaster that Warhammer Online turned out to be).

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slavish2355d ago

now release it on consoles!!!!!!

Cennus2355d ago

As long as the development for PC doesn't take a hit. I thought that was one of the biggest set backs for DC Universe Online. SOE tried to keep the PC and console versions 100% equal and the menus and patch system suffered big time because of it.

Panthers2355d ago

This game is more than capable of running on lower end PCs. Do yourself a favor and get it. And then you can see why this would never work on a console.

This game is amazing, but will never see a console release.

fluffydelusions2355d ago

This game is actually rather demanding though you wouldn't know by looking at it.

Christopher2355d ago (Edited 2355d ago )

This game won't work on consoles considering the audience is based on the use of controllers and the number of abilities/options available require more than 30 action keys. This game requires at keyboard and mouse.

Yes, I know you can connect a KB&M to them, but most people don't or do.