MLB 12: Gameplay Video And New Mode Shown At CES 2012

The Sony Booth was showing gameplay from MLB 12: The Show. Community Manager, Ramone Russell shows off some new features and reveals a brand new mode.

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Deputydon2204d ago

I can't wait. They seem to have really improved the game about as much as they still can on the PS3.

ThichQuangDuck2204d ago

The show games constantly advanced making it still the best baseball game compared to 2k games which I have no idea what they have been doing for years

jaymart2k2204d ago

Looks like the pitching circle will become annoying. Hope you can disable it.

ThichQuangDuck2204d ago

Agreed I do not know about it fully and agree it could get annoying. I do however like the batting improvements

spektical2204d ago

im sure you will just like in mlb 11.. i have it at classic, but you can change it to analog controlled.

i hope that one one of the updates allows us to transfer and old RTTS player... :/

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