Is Nintendo 3DS Unbeatable?

Chris Buffa (Modojo): This Saturday, Tim Tebow leads the upstart Denver Broncos into what should be hostile territory to do the impossible, according to many sports analysts: defeat the New England Patriots in a second round playoff game in Foxboro.

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GameTavern2261d ago

Nintendo is as vulnerable as any company especially if they don't show that hunger and desire that they showed last year to get the 3DS where it is now.

Sony as well needs to start turning favor on their side.

Colwyn2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

The vita is a way better system technologically in everyway and can do everything the 3ds can do and more except 3d. The vita has great potential of beating the 3ds on sales of hardware and software because they'll be able to support all types of games more so than the 3ds but Sony just needs to make sure that a lot of games are released for it. The ps vita caters to the people that makes the gaming industry a billion dollar industry and those are the hardcore gamers. Their are a lot if hardcore gamers that'll play the 3ds but the diehard console gamers see it as a toy whereas the vita supports games to their liking similar to the hi def consoles. If Sony makes sure the top selling popular series from the hi def consoles are released on the vita then it'll be glorious for the vita. Call of duty, battlefield, m.o.h, assassins creed, bioshock, gta, Gran turismo, nfs, mgs, killzone, resistance, g.o.w, uncharted, panzer dragoon, well not panzer but you get my point.

GameTavern2261d ago

A lot of that really doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things though.

Technology, if the last 5-6 years hasn't proven it, is nothing if not at the right price with the right combination of software.

And you mentioned Sony's biggest Achilles' heel is a LOT of what they need doesn't come from them. Almost all of those sans 3 games... are multiplatform titles, and can go anywhere.

Gran turismo does well, but there has been one on the PS3 and PSP this entire generation. God of War and Uncharted are moderate sellers, and not exactly what I would call system sellers (seeing how there were two GoW games on the PSP and don't remember them lighting the world on fire)

At the end of the day, Sony can topple Nintendo but so much of it is out of their hands, that it really is a tough, uphill battle for them.

MasterCornholio2261d ago

Yeah Sony needs to bring those big franchises that the core love so much. Having Call of Duty, Bioshock, Ninja Gaiden is a start but they need to nab other franchises like the elder scrolls games, Demon Souls, Dead Space, Resident Evil and many other big franchises not to mention that several new IPs would be great.


Samus HD2261d ago

3DS is breaking records
Wii is more inferior to PS3 but still on top
so is DS against PSP .
But what it really matters is the games. I think nintendo would have done great with sales even if the hardware was weaker than it is now, because most of people love nintendo games (so do I) and that is what is keeping nintendo forward (above the others) . I too do want a nintendo console with vita specs but you have too agree with the truth

darthv722261d ago

by the next iteration of nintendo handheld.

The trend has been solid since the first gameboy. Every release nintendo made up the evolutionary ladder in portable gaming has surpassed their previous effort.

well...the main systems anyway.

Gameboy: original, pocket, color
Gameboy Advance: original, SP, micro
DS series: original, lite, DSi, DSi-XL, 3DS

on a side note. anyone else notice that the circle pad add-on to the 3ds makes it seem more like it could be used as a controller option for the wii-u?

dark-hollow2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

What the hell are you blabing about??

The ds imo had an great library of games even though its weaker than the psp.

"Kids toy" thats the most generic comment ever on n4g!!

Am a hardcore gamer an i loved the ds library more than thevpsp.

AdvanceWarsSgt2261d ago

Nintendo doesn't support all types of games on their handhelds yet the DS has one of the most diverse gaming libraries in history.

Once again, fanboyism gets in the way of relaying facts.

ABizzel12261d ago


Sony's struggle against the 3DS and Nintendo in general is that while Sony makes incredible games, Nintendo games have instant name recognition.

Sony should be locking down all third party exclusives that sell big to Japanese gamers. Why they didn't lock down Monster Hunter with Capcom I have no clue. Here's a game that brought the PSP to the number 1 position in Japan for a while, and Sony lets it slip over to the 3DS. Monster Hunter should have been a PS Vita launch title. The launch titles are great for the Vita, but they heavily cater to America and Europe which again is why I felt it should have came out in one of those territories first, especially with the PSP still doing good in Japan.

There were a bunch of bad decision being made with the Vita, and there are still many question I personally have with the Vita such as:

1. What is PlayStation Suite going to offer (it should be all PS1 games, PS2 games, PSP games, PSN games, and HD Collections). When I say PSN games I mean things like Pixel Junk, Flower etc..., and not PS3 games released on PSN.

2. What does Sony have planned for the rest of 2012 regarding the Vita (Call of Duty E3?, Killzone E3?, Resistance E3?, God of War E3?, Metal Gear E3?) Are they going to have their biggest franchises and huge 3rd party title available on PS Vita in it's first year?

3. Transfarring. The PS3 to PS Vita connectivity is brilliant, but it's no where near the potential Sony was showing. Playing Killzone 3 via remote play looked great in that video, and is a feature Sony should be rushing to get out. But more importantly why can't I move a simple game like a PSN game from my PS3 over to Vita and pick up where I left off? That's a feature I want even more than Killzone 3 remote play. Where is this type of functionality, because in my opinion besides the amazing tech and potential game library, transfarring is the biggest reason for me to want a Vita.

But getting on topic, I think the 3DS is a good. I don't think it's better than the Vita from my brief time with the Vita and my extensive time with the 3DS. The 3DS feels like another version of the DS with 3D and better graphics, and that's as much of a truth as there is regarding the 3DS. I'll pick up a 3DS later on when there's another price drop and the Slim edition model comes out, but I don't think the 3DS is "Unbeatable" that was proven when they first launched. The 3DS is starting to get a decent library of games, and it should all go up from here.

rexbolt2261d ago

your wrong the vita cant do everything the 3ds canand more if you ask me they just do diffrent stuff

fear882261d ago

Obvious flamebait article is obvious.
Obvious flamebait author is obviously Chris buffa.

Hisiru2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

Oh well, Vita doesnt have mario, zelda, mario kart and the other Nintendo games, and THIS is more important than any vita feature.

I will buy a Vita soon so I will be able to play Uncharted and some other games.

Vita is a great machine just like the 3DS (thanks to mario, zelda, monster hunter, and the games it has) but I can't say the 3DS is better ou Vita is better, it's a matter of TASTE/OPINION.

It's sad to see people like you who thinks that your opinion is the only important opinion in the planet.

Well, vita is just a PSP with better graphics and some other forms of gameplay. You will probably say "hey, the Vita has better online features". Yes, the 3DS also has better online features than the DS. At the end of day, the quality, quantity and variety of games will be more important than any feature.

Quality is a matter of opinion. Some people will enjoy Vita games and some people will enjoy 3DS games.

Tito082261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

@ Hisiru- Seriously me & others don't give a fuck about Mario, I didn't buy NES & SNES for Mario games or any Zelda, or Pokemon, I was more interested at the 3rd party games on those systems at the time... So why would I limit my enjoyment with those IPs.. It's not like Nintendo have always being successful, they lost 2 gens against Sony on consoles, & Sony didn't need any Mario or Zelda to sell systems... I grew tired of the same damn jumping on turtles & saving the princess, & the other with the same BS to save the damn princess, like seriously, not everyone should like em!!!!!

Technically Vita is better than 3DS, games wise, for me Vita is better than 3DS, of course the games matters most, so in that case the Vita games interests me more than those on 3DS, You're saying Vita is just a PSP with better graphics, but 3DS is a DS with graphics that aren't too far from PSP, so please, let's do this, wait for the machine to be out in the states, then lets see how it'll fair, plus look at this, 3rd party games sells very poorly on nintendo devices with the exception of a tad few, Wii is almost 100 million units sold, but it gets sucky 3rd party support & less 3rd party sales compared to PS3 & 360, so most 3rd party companies could careless about Nintendo!!!!

@ rexbolt- of course vita can't do what 3DS does, it has that useless 3D, 1 circle pad(2 analog sticks on Vita) 3DS has inferior graphics, 3DS was selling at a profit, & has Mario & Zelda(give me a break) of course Vita can't do what 3DS does!!!!

ronin4life2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

So far, the vita can also not sell in Japan.
Or play the latest monster hunter.
This bashing is unnecessary, and most of it is also poorly informed. So let's all just stop.

Tito082260d ago (Edited 2260d ago )

@ ronin4life- This bashing is necessary because we're talking about a device that is only being released in one country a month ago, so yeah, it is fucking necessary, 3DS started poorly, but you gave it time to see if it shines, but not to the Vita, that's being an ignorant!!!!

BTW, I don't see the glory behind Monster Hunter, its not like its the end for a machine because it doesn't have it( Remember the exclusive deal with Resident Evil, & PS2 still destroyed GC & the PS2 version of R.E. 4 released way after GC version & outsold it).... So just one fucking title will spell the end of a machine when it's only out in one market???? give me a break, for every gen there will always be new IPs meaning, you can't be dependent on known IPs when there's new ones that could shine & dethrone it!!!!

Look at the 360, it isn't doing well in Japan, but it's doing very great in U.S. & EU, so no, I ain't misinformed my friend, I know very well what I'm talking about, so people better stop coming with conclusions until the device is at least is generally in the market for a great period of time, end of discussion!!!!

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resistance1002261d ago

Of course it isn't. But it is have a very strong spell over every console at the moment. Which at the end of the day is good as since it keeps selling like this it will put an end to these stupid articles saying that handheld gaming is dying when the facts are clearly showing otherwise.

wingman32x2261d ago

Nothing is unbeatable. Anything can happen at any time.

I will say that Nintendo will always remain a titan in the handheld market. If something does dethrone it, you can be rest assured it won't be easy in the slightest.

Krakn3Dfx2261d ago

As a Denver resident, I am so tired of Tebow. I hope they lose this weekend just so I can get a break from hearing his name for a few more months than I normally would.

ChiVoLok02261d ago

I'm bored of hearing his name too, but I still hope the Broncos win.

Neko_Mega2261d ago

I don't see it ending well for 3DS, after the Mario games are done. What is their next??? So far nothing, plus Sony has Call Of Duty (Which would most likely work with the PS3).

With that said, I see Vita taking the lead.

dark-hollow2261d ago

After cod game, what next for the vita?

See? Thats how ignorant you sounds.

Game3s2261d ago

3DS Could get cod too since cod is on the original ds too o.o

Tito082261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

3DS could get a Call of Duty of course, but for a game where it's main focus is the online multiplayer, DS versions didn't fair that well!!! BTW, I don't see a 3DS version will do that great since Nintendo have always being sucky when it comes to Online Multiplayer, but who knows, but if the online on the Vita is as good as on the PS3 & 360, then expect it to be better than 3DS in both graphics & gameplay!!!!!!!!

GameTavern2261d ago

I would point out that the DS sold pretty damn well "after the Mario games" were done as well. Since NSMB and Mario Kart DS were both out roughly in 2005 or so.

AdvanceWarsSgt2261d ago

How you gonna forget about the biggest handheld cash cow yet to be released by Nintendo?

And if you don't know what series I'm referring to, then you really are living in la-la land.

ronin4life2261d ago

Well, the 3ds will have monster hunter; the main reason psp didn't drop dead in japan.

CaptainN2259d ago

Are you serious ???? What's next after Mario? First thing, Mario is an evergreen title which means Mario 3D and Mario Kart 7 will be selling from now till the day Nintendo stops making 3DS. Next if your trying to imply that Nintendo temsleves hav nothing big after Mario you are very misinformed. They already said they are creating an all new Zelds for 3DS, have announced SMASH BROS which when that comes out,all hell is going to break loose, we know once a new Pokemon game is announced sales will go through the roof and we already know they have Kid Icarus,Luigis Mansion 2, Paper Mario,Animal Crossing all announced already. Then we have 3rd party games like Resident Evil Revelations, Metal Gear Solid 3, Kingdom Hearts 3D, Conduit 3D, Heroes of Ruin and the big one..... Monster Hunter 4 !!!! The question is what does Vita have to stop that onslaught of titles?

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