Bastion is my Game of the Year 2011

2011 spoiled us rotten with stellar games, but only one met my personal criteria for Game of the Year.

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crazytown992352d ago

I need to give this game another chance. I tried the demo, but it didn't grab me for some reason.

THR1LLHOUSE2352d ago

Yeah, same here. I bought it when it was on sale though, so I'll play it eventually...probably once my Skyrim disc breaks or something.

Tanir2352d ago

the game is ok, i mean its opinion but its honestly just an ok game. i like the narrative, the combat could be deeper aswell as the story and mechanics, buuuut still fun.

needs better weapons that are actually useful also >_<.

towards the end of the game, its great for the 5 bucks i paid

illegalyouth2352d ago

I picked this up over the break through the Steam sale. Now I've got the motivation to finally play it!

Sadie21002352d ago

Not a bad choice. In fact, this just reminded me that I never finished the game! I need to go back and do that.

theeg2352d ago

i did like it quite a bit, but my goty is the witcher 2, then skyrim for pc, then dark souls

bastion is on my list but it is like 15 or so, trine 2 is a better game.

the soundtrack of bastion alone is worth it, amazing!

2352d ago
THR1LLHOUSE2352d ago

I can't decide if I'm jealous or not that you're even able to make a list of 15...If I took every game I *played* this year (even the not-so-good ones) it'd be like...10 at most.

Kran2352d ago

OK... good... glad to hear it... but whats your RETAIL game of the year?

SybaRat2352d ago

He says it beat retail games. Do we really need a winner in every single category? Best Game that Starts with a G?

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