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GamerFitNation reviews Saints Row The Third. "Saints Row The Third is such a cool game. The basic premise of the game is that you are the leader of a gang, and you are trying to take over a new city. The only way to get stuff done is to do it yourself, so you have to go around the city trafficing drugs and killing rival gang members. The Saints Row series has been known for ridiculousness, and this game may be the most ridiculous. The humor is a highlight, it’s a little crude, but this game is not a high class game. The side missions add to the insanity that is Saints Row The Third. You are sent on missions that range from driving around with a tiger to rescuing scandalous women."

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Tanir2325d ago

adore this game, cant wait till next week when the new missions come out!

unknownhero11232325d ago

actually, they are new genki activities but that's just me being techinical.

BlackTar1872325d ago

Love the game as well but story was so short. I littlerly beat it last night with friend and thought the ending was just a mock moving ending.

BeaArthur2325d ago

I'm enjoying it so far. Much better than 2.

YodaCracker2325d ago

Better than 2? That's not saying much.

Virus2012325d ago

Part 2 was awesome too. I've enjoyed the entire Saints Row series.

BeaArthur2325d ago

@YodaCracker...even so, it's still better.

unknownhero11232325d ago

I do not call neutering customization, lowering activity count(with some that are basically repeats of each other(mayhem and tank mayhem), having activities and cutscenes act as a single mission, and having a lazy story with crappy antagonists "better". SR2 blows SR3 out of the water dispite it's flaws.