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New PS2 Classic Incoming: Killzone Priced & Dated

Sony’s offerings of PlayStation 2 ‘Classic’s on PlayStation Store have been of great variety with titles like Maximo, Odin Sphere, God Hand, & even a Harvest Moon. Every genre has been covered thus far & now one of Sony’s most hyped PS2 games will be making a comeback as the original Killzone gets added to the PS2 Classic library on PlayStation Store. (Killzone, PS3)

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Colwyn  +   978d ago
Sony take my money NOW! ::throws money in the air::
StraightPath  +   978d ago
I remember playing this game has amazing visuals for PS2 but the game was terrible one of the worst on PS2. It was dubbed the " Halo Killer " and it became a laughing stock afterwards. Game had nothing on Halo. Good thing they removed the tag line for its sequels...or it wouldn't be nice either. Without the Halo killer tagline Killzone 2 & 3 were good shooters with amazing visuals. wow it got a medicore metacritic of 70%...everyone hated this game.
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darthv72  +   978d ago
halo killer
was it the media or the fans that gave it that moniker? in any case, I have tried to play it and I cant because the frame rate and clipping of the graphics. I really want to play through and see how it set up the adventures for 2 and eventually 3.

Sony should reconsider this as a ps2 game on psn and give it the hd treatment that god of war, ico and sly cooper have been blessed with. then again, to do all that for a single game may not seem as much value. God of war, ico and sly cooper were compilations and there isnt anything else to really bundle with a killzone hd remake. killzone liberation ported to ps3 maybe?
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KwietStorm  +   978d ago
smoothdude  +   978d ago
After beating KZ3, I ended up watching all the cut scenes on YouTube. This game had a captivating story, however, I am not sure that I would want to play through it with all the other games coming out this year.
Ulf  +   978d ago
Actually, I enjoyed the single-player campaign of the original Killzone FAR more than Halo. It did kill Halo in that regard, as far as I'm concerned.

Then again, Halo single-player was always terrible, compared to contemporaries like Half Life 1 & 2.
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Minute Man 721  +   978d ago
Ever played it using component cables? The game looked way better on a HD tv. The controls killed the game sadly
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solidt12  +   978d ago
I played this before playing Killzone 2 and it was a decent game but the frame rate was pretty bad, so bad I would get dizzy but an enjoyable game.
BiggCMan  +   978d ago
It would be great if they could turn the local mutliplayer to online matchmaking. Right then and there you have a better game than Killzone 3. Killzone was a really good game for it's time, and still to this day.
Soldierone  +   978d ago
I don't know a single person that played it that "hated" the game.

In fact if it was so hated BY FANS (not media) then why did they make another two in the series and put all their money into the second? lol GG wasn't that big, if it got hated they would of made a different game and not put all their effort in one game.
EVILDEAD360  +   978d ago
Awww..Why didn't they go the Killzone HD remake route..THAT would have been cool. Still nice pick up for people who never played the first.

DonaldBeck  +   978d ago
for me killzone destroys halo without even trying. anyways halo and killzone are nothing alike except there shooters straightpath. it would be better to compare halo to unreal tournament or resistance ect, killzone is way more realistic than halo.
SandwichHammock  +   978d ago
snipes101  +   978d ago
I remember the press, sony and the fans all dubbing KZ a Halo Killer. I dont think it was just the press.

As an experience the game was alright but the enemy ai could be really obnoxious when you tried to play as the stealth character so that killed it a bit for me.

The multiple paths that you could take depending on the character you used was pretty cool though.
The game was fantastic. It was plagued by too many glitches though. It was a bit too much for the ps2 to handle. Many people who played killzone2 and 3 and not the first one will be surprised at how different the first was from it's sequels. The weapons had alt fire, you could choose which of your team mates you would play as... rico's still a jerk. And the controls were fine. The only thing that had a curve to learning was the sniper.
Shepherd 214  +   978d ago
Halo has always had a terrible single player? wtf?

Halo is among the highest quality and refined shooters out there. Even if you dont like it, show some respect for that game that started the popularity and revolutionized modern console shooters.
BattleAxe  +   978d ago
There are better games in the PS2 library that Sony should look at trying to re-release, like Socom 1,2,3 and Combined Assault, Tony Hawk 3 & 4, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2005, Star Wars: Battlefront, Rainbow Six 3, Ghost Recon: Jungle Storm, GTA 3, GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas, Gran Turismo 3, Gran Turismo 4, Black, and Red Faction.

I'm sure that people who are into RPGs could name a few more to add to my list. Killzone was average in every way, but the graphics were pretty good.
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pixelsword  +   978d ago
- I asked Seb Downie on a thread (I think it was him) and he said that there was no plans to do a remake.

- Killzone was a pretty good game; Although I personally liked Halo better, Killzone did a pretty good job with it's online and Single Player (I used to play the online every once in a while [along with SW:B I & II], but I stopped a few months ago, Maybe I'll get back on).

- Sony liked GG because even then their engine could render large areas with little hiccups. K2 (& I think 3) uses the same engine.

- If you get access to the instruction booklet you'll also find out why Rico is so pissed-off all of the time: they sent his company (with all greenhorns) up against a planetary-scale invasion force. Needless to say they didn't do too well and ever since then Rico's been over-protective when a person has been under him, which explains his freak-out when Garza, Batton, and Natko along with two soldiers were held prisoner.

- Good and bad things:

+ You can play with different characters which gives you access to different weapons, abilities and different areas (not huge areas, but still the variance makes it worth going through each character when you play)

- Until you get used to it, the Sniper rifle is the worst rifle you'll ever play in the history of sniper rifles (in contrast, K2's sniper rifle is probably one of the best sniper rifles I've played with).

Graphics and other stuff comes out in the wash differently for each player.

MAJ0R  +   977d ago
you guys can't be serious, the original Killzone was mediocre at best.
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meetajhu  +   978d ago
The only problem Killzone 1 had was fps dips with vsync cutting half the framerates made it unplayable or it would have been the best war game till date. This is day 1 buy and hope it runs at 60fps or Guerilla might pull out 1080p@30fps.
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zero_cool  +   978d ago
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zeddy  +   977d ago
this game was more fun than killzone 3.
TheKindRoost  +   978d ago
Hell yeah!KZ1 was my favorite of the series It had much better cast ,environment variety ,gameplay variety( go stealth with luger or direct assault with rico).hope they fixed the ai and the horrid screen tear.
BigBoss1964  +   978d ago
This game had a sick campaign mode and the bot mode was addictive as hell
Kran  +   978d ago
Shame it ain't a HD upgrade, but at least we get the game again in some form ;)
Der_Kommandant  +   978d ago
Funky Town_TX   978d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(4)
Detoxx  +   978d ago
Aww yeah! Bring it on
blaze22-qwerty  +   978d ago
Shame it ain't in HD, anyway.. A great game one of my favorites from last gen i will gladly buy it
remanutd55  +   978d ago
well i will download it because i really enjoyed the 2 Killzone ps3 games
ZeroChaos  +   978d ago
So no trophies then :(
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resistance100  +   978d ago
Sweet. Not as good as 2, but a underated game from the Ps2. Just hope they've fixed some of the bugs and framerate issues in this re-release
SJPFTW  +   978d ago
most overhyped game last gen and worst in the series. where is jak and daxter and final fantasy 12?
Lior  +   978d ago
That game is total trash
CynicalVision  +   978d ago
I have to agree with this, I remember buying the game a few months after it was first released. The intro was incredible but after that things fell apart.

I didn't even manage to finish the game before taking it back.
Ulf  +   978d ago
It was one of the best shooters of the last gen. WAY better than Medal of Honor, or even Halo (in SP...).

I doubt you even played it.
adamant715  +   978d ago
..better than Halo and MoH? Um, no. Get your head out of your ass you fanboyyyy.
kaveti6616  +   978d ago
Halo's SP or Halo 2's SP?

If you're talking about Halo CE, then I agree.

But I think Halo 2's SP was marvelous.
JellyJelly  +   978d ago
I bet you think Haze was better than Halo 3 as well lol.
Lior  +   977d ago
I'm a ps3 fanboy but please don't killzone 1 was a flop and the game was in 2 colours black and rust
miDnIghtEr20C_SfF  +   978d ago
I cannot believe how Sony loyal the fanboys on this site are. This is incredible. The original KZ SUCKED! And everyone knows this. It rated an overall 70 on meta. Just terrible.

Is anyone else shocked, at how the sheep have completely forgotten they were supposed to be able to play a non upgraded version of Killzone, when they could of played it with their backwards compatible PS3's? I mean jesus. If you have this game still for your PS2, you're buying it again instead of just putting your PS2 games in your PS3 like we were supposed to.
CynicalVision  +   978d ago
While I dislike Killzone, saying that a meta score of 70 is "terrible" seems pretty silly.
trouble_bubble  +   978d ago
Been playing games since the Atari/NES days, when metacritic was but a gleam in fanboys' parents' eyes. Never was 70 -aka 7/10- considered to be suck 'til this gen. I've already seen it brought up a couple times in this thread. Boggles my mind everytime. Standards and scales were different back then. Basically, people could still think for themselves. Imagine that.
cpayne93  +   978d ago
The main reason it got lower ratings was because of the technical problems. And CynicalVision is right... a 70 isn't "terrible."

I've heard some people say that they really liked the game, people I know personally and who aren't fanboys.
kaveti6616  +   978d ago
A 70 on Metacritic for a last gen title was very good. This gen, everything shifted up 10 points.
Zoron007  +   978d ago
Game was amazing when it first released. Played it a few years back and i was like wow this game feels horrible and one of the worst fps. Dont know why my opinion changed so much
resistance100  +   978d ago
More just a tribute on how the FPS genre has evolved over time.

Generally FPS don't age as well, as RPG's and adventure games.
RememberThe357  +   978d ago
Haha some people completely hate it some people love it. I loved the game and thought it was the best story telling of the series by far. It was deeply flawed for sure but at the time I loved it.
ShAkKa  +   978d ago
I remember this game being pretty hard, It's been a long time since I last played but I still have my PS2 copy. Definitely recommend it for those who enjoy 2&3.
smashcrashbash  +   978d ago
I agree. The whole Helgast defecting to the ISA side and him talking about having a family made them seem more human instead of the way they are now. It would have been nice to find out more about their race as the series went along. They seemed very interesting that there were factions within the Helgast society that disagreed with their quest to conquer earth as opposed to the usual 'All aliens bad, all humans good' thing most games do.
jjb1981  +   978d ago
They need to remake black!
SignifiedSix  +   978d ago
I just had to log in to comment on this...
YES! Black was, without a doubt, one of the best shooters last gen! They could do that all over again.


Please, Criterion, bring us another Black! I beg of you!
i want more than anything else to have jak x combat racing, hd or not
j-blaze  +   978d ago
who the hell is going to waste his money on this?!!
cpayne93  +   978d ago
I will. Never played it and I liked K2 and K3, so I would like to see play the first one. Some people really liked this game.

You are a very unique kind of troll j-blaze. Most people side with a system, but you side with a whole freaking nation: Japan. From what I've seen in your past comments, you downplay any game made by a western dev, and insult anyone who likes those games which you don't like. You acted like one guy was stupid for calling U3 his goty. It's an opinion...we all got em.

Very closeminded to other people's opinions. No need for the hate bro.
Krew_92  +   978d ago
Yeah he seems like a xenophobe.
kikizoo  +   977d ago
not you, since you don't have a ps3, like most of the xfanboyz here..

not me either, since we have so much better games to play this gen, and not enough time to play them all.
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spacedelete  +   978d ago
killzone 1 was complete trash and is the opposite of " classic ". games that should be re-released on ps store are Bully and Manhunt 1. now these two games are classics.
ksa-sh8sh8b8  +   978d ago
take my money NOW
ksa-sh8sh8b8  +   978d ago
trophy ??
Commodore  +   978d ago
Well it's official...I'm taking my 80's ghetto blaster and occupying SCEA all summer playing death metal (which I hate) from 9 till 5.

Absolute BULLSHIT that SOCOM 1/2/3 has been ignored.
Ulf  +   978d ago
Remakes are single-player ONLY.

I doubt Sony wants to resurrect the servers for old PS2 games, and patch to fix the cheating issues, just so they can sell a couple HD upgrades.

That said... do you really want HD remakes of SOCOM, if its campaign-only? You should be asking for a complete S1 and S2 map set, for SOCOM 4, and have classic mode use recoil instead of bullet spray, instead.
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Commodore  +   978d ago
They don't have to resurrect any servers. Just shut down the ones for SOCOM 4 that are going unused. No one plays that garbage game anyway. Wouldn't be hard to patch/ ban with the PS Network.

They can save money by making it online only and skipping the campaign. And a couple? A COUPLE? Try more than stupid ICO and Sly. Would easily sell 1,000,000+ in the first week. The hype for the announcement of that game would be incredible.
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Jdub895O  +   977d ago
your an idiot. They still have the servers up for the old socoms.Yeah there are lot of hackers but they are still up and running.
Commodore  +   977d ago
YOU'RE (not your) an idiot if you think I'm an idiot for not knowing that. Of course I know, I still play it.

The reason we want an HD remake is because today's market is filled with garbage FPS's. We want the community back from 2004, the people we played with. No other game today has a sense of community.

Sure we could all go back and play S2 again...but then every Code 9'er would go back on also.

Go play MW3.
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Ravenor  +   977d ago
And like clockwork....sigh. Socom 2 was remade but renamed Confrontation. It had everything S2 had, and had almost everything the community demanded from Slant Six. The fact is that SOCOM 1/2/3 were online titles from a different age, and it's an age people aren't going to revisit.
LargeKnob  +   978d ago
Sony re'selling rubbish.... Very sorry but this was a horrid game then and will be now. Pass
kevnb  +   978d ago
one of the worse ps2 games Ive played. Killzone 2/3 were fine, but killzone 1 was horrible.
EmperorDalek  +   978d ago
I preferred this over 2&3. If it has online I will get it, but i'm guessing it won't.
FinaLXiii  +   978d ago
The original Killzone with HD graphics would be an awesome treat for fans.

BTW when PS2 classics start being released on European PS Store?
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xXtremeHDGamerXx  +   978d ago
socom > Killzone
dvfaa  +   978d ago
oh man if they put socom 3 with functional online multiplayer on the PS store i would buy that in a second.. that gamme was too much fun on the PS2
Jdub895O  +   977d ago
whats up with all the hate for the old socoms? They were way better than killzone1.
Horny  +   977d ago
I'd be happy with socoms 2 or combined assault online remake. Anybody who has played these game online in the past would probably be interested.
Socom had the biggest following online for a ps2 game.
Ravenor  +   977d ago
It was a different time for online shooters, SOCOM as it was would not drum up the same following. You seem to forget SOCOM 1 was launched at a time when it was either SOCOM or Tribes: Aerial Assault for online shooters on the PS2.
Horny  +   976d ago
You do have a point and I agree for the most part. Although the people who enjoyed them in the past would still appreciate them, I know I do. You are right though I can't see a new following for the socoms series. I actually enjoyed tribes as well.
Holeran  +   978d ago
Is the framerate going to be stable on PS3? It got slammed by critics because of the framerate when it came out, I don't know because I have not played it but if the framerate doesn't fall on PS3 then I will buy it just to play through it.
soundslike  +   978d ago
dunno man, MGS1 even stutters when you go into first person like it used to
SignifiedSix  +   978d ago
It'll most likely be like the original. Now if they remake it and optimize it more, it'll run MUCH smoother. But, I'm assuming its just gonna be some sort of port and not a remake. Who knows?
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