Fans recreate Sonic X-Treme, the cancelled Saturn game

DSOGaming writes: "Back in the 32bit days, Sonic X-Treme was meant to drive Saturn sales to new heights. Unfortunately, SEGA decided to cancel the game as it was not up to the Sonic standards. That didn’t seem enough though, as fans decided to recreate this cancelled Saturn game on the PC. So, Sonic fans, meet Project AXSX. Developed by Andrew75, Project AXSX promises to be the true Sonic X-Treme and its public beta is available for download."

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ssb31732263d ago

Looks quite cool so far

darthv722263d ago

seems to have a "bug" type of style. With much more twists and turns though.

Deadpool6162263d ago

Seems as though fans get the games they want after all. Even if they have to make the game themselves. Brillant! Keep up the good work! This can be something. =D

Fullmetalevolust2263d ago

I love my saturn and I love Sonic, but this looks like a pain in the ass to play...great concept perhaps, but the execution, yikes! That'd give me hours of frustration!

No_Pantaloons2262d ago (Edited 2262d ago )

Sega lawyers will be sending threats at any moment, get it while you can. Lord knows sega can't stand fans making better sonic games then they do.

specialguest2262d ago

"A" for effort, but it looks like too much stop and go gameplay, and not enough free running blasting through landscapes and loops.

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