Syndicate: A New Perspective On Classic Cyberpunk

Player Affinity writes: "Back in the early 90’s, the first person shooter genre was just getting started with games like Wolfenstein 3D, and DOOM. If you made a game about a team of gun-toting cyborgs it wasn’t going to be anything like a modern FPS. The original Syndicate from 1993 was about heavily-armed cyberpunk troops, but it was a tactical, real-time strategy game shown from an isometric view. Gaming technology has finally caught up with the ideas behind the series and the new Syndicate game that comes out later this year has moved the franchise into the first person view. Despite the change in perspective, this new Syndicate keeps the same setting as the previous games and puts players in the near future where cybernetic augmentation is commonplace, and unregulated corporations rule the world. "

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vortis2296d ago

No it's not the same, but it doesn't mean it's not kind of cool artistically.

The original Syndicate was not a RTS it was a TPS, a third-person shooter. You manually controlled each of the dudes or you could have three other friends join you.

Also the original Syndicate was cyber-punk, thorough and thorough. The new Syndicate is like Deus Ex: Human Revolution it's cyber-noir...there is a difference for those of us who actually played the original game.

I don't mind a Syndicate reboot but I hate when these punk-kids try to pass it off like these new iterations are a lot like the older games just updated. That's very untrue especially considering that the new Syndicate is a lot more linear and character driven than the original game (you played "faceless" agents in the original who didn't have names or a story and they could die and be replaced)

SolidGear32296d ago

Can't wait until Feb 21st! Syndicate and Binary Domain!