Nintendo to continue supporting Wii after release of Wii U

Nintendo's Scott Moffitt feels there that the Wii has "a lot of life left in it" and will continue to support the system even after the Wii U launches.

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Pikajew2354d ago

Of course they will, it will be super cheap. It will be like how Sony supported the PS2 after the PS3 launched

ABizzel12354d ago

LOL. Oh they're serious...

Well I guess all they have to do is continue with what they're doing now, because it can't get any worse. 1 or 3 good releases a year seems like a wanning consonle to me.

koehler832354d ago

Well.. let's be entirely honest with ourselves here.

The painful majority of those 90+ million 'consumers' are dusty shelves, dark closets and Gamestop drawers.

Tenkay232354d ago

Stop talking non-sense!


My grandmothers tv stand is not dusty......


iamnsuperman2354d ago (Edited 2354d ago )

I am not trying to troll here but the support from Nintendo for the Wii in the recent years hasn't been great. I assume he means a wii version for early Wii U games will come out.

phosphor1122354d ago

Two disagrees so far when you speak the truth. The support for the Wii has been the worst Nintendo software support since the N64. Sure Skyward Sword is fantastic, but why they went so long without any worthwhile titles is beyond me.

TheDivine2354d ago

I disagreed becase the wii has gotten huge games the past year or two.

New DK
Skyward Sword
Last Story
Pandoras Tower
Kirbys Epic Yarn
New Kirby (forgot the name but its sick)
Other M
Conduit 2
Epic Mickey
SM Galaxy 2
Sin and Punishment 2
MH Tri
Tatsunoko vs Capcom

The only problem with any of these games is that they are not in HD. If they were ps3/360 graphics the wii wouldve had better lineups than both hd consoles. As it is most gamers overlook these titles and the wii altogether, i was one of them.

fatstarr2353d ago

I need to get
the last Story
and Tales of Graces.

to end my wii career.

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The story is too old to be commented.