Zero Punctuation: Top 5 of 2011

This week, Zero Punctuation runs down the top 5 best and worst games of 2011.

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Pikajew2231d ago

Its good to see the he ranked BF3 and MW3 the same

scrambles2231d ago

both single players were horrendous in every single way. I miss now that CoD is an action movie instead of a war movie... When old CoDs you'd storm a city tons of people dying around you, you'd feel intense. Now you're followed around by 4 invincible NPCs and when 1 dies they go all dramatic and act like i care. Then theres the explosion 1 after another goin OOOOH look at it! now over there! theres the aim-bot coms shooting you! HEY ARE YOU LISTENING????!!! Your NPC friend is yelling at you to keep moving cuz your probably asleep or bored to death due to run up to next spot then shoot! Bf3's.... I dont even know why they added SP. I guess its cuz every shooter has 1 but PLEASE stop making SP and focus only on MP. I havent played a modern shooter in YEARS since CoD MW that interested me in the slightest. Next CoD or BF ill just skip the campaign theyre sooooo BAD.


SilentNegotiator2230d ago

It's good to see ZP in the top news section for once. *clapping*
Not his best episode, but not bad.

While, I can appreciate such a nice ironic username, I must disagree with you that MW3's campaign was "horrendous". I thought it was very thrilling.

BF3's campaign was filled with asinine limited battle areas, made you ride second place (both figuratively and with vehicles literally), was slow, had ugly special effects that it thought it was special for (especially the stupid distracting and unrealistic lighting effects that blinded or obscured your view), had awful characters, and a really generic story.

BF3's crappy campaign didn't even manage to be the "training" that the developers made it out to be. You didn't even get to drive the vehicles. It's hard enough to survive to unlock the flares with everyone locking onto you in two seconds into your flight, but they don't even let you get used to flying a jet.

guitar_nerd_232231d ago

"Being cockslapped with your own herniated bowel"


AstroZombie12231d ago

*caps the person to the right*