First Soul Calibur V Review Is In

''UK gaming publication PSM3 has published the first review for Namco Bandai’s Soul Calibur V, with the February 2012 issue awarding the highly anticipated fighting title a very respectable score, in addition to plenty of praise.''

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MaideninBlack2137d ago

8.9 isn't bad. Got mine on pre-order. Can't wait to play Raph again.

ThichQuangDuck2137d ago

I forgot how much I missed the Soul Calibur series. Now only if we could see the return of Bloody Roar and Killer Instinct

Guwapo772137d ago

Dude, I would love a new Killer Instinct or even a remake with up today's graphics. I loved that game. C-C-Combo Breaker!!

vitz32136d ago

Let's look at this 8.9, what some would call "Isn't bad" or "Pretty average".

It's an 8.9 which resides shortly before a 9 yet after 8. An 8 is definitely a higher rank than a 7 since it's the next number after. 5 comes before a 7, 8 AND 9, but also comes after numbers such as 2, 3 and 4. This places a five in somewhat of a middle ground, making it an average number of sorts. Kind of the top of a bell curve in a rating scale. One could call games below a 5 in rating as "below average", and those above as "above average". This is all theoretical, since this concept was abandoned somewhere between now and the 1990's.

So by this logic one could say that Soul Calibur 5's 8.9 score would place it not in the sideways mouth casually said "Isn't bad" category, but actually a few points above average. In fact some would say, "Damn great!" "A golden review!".

This whole thought that anything less than a 9 is average at best has to die.

Tanir2137d ago

i have Oooone Gripe with this game even tho its my most anticipated game right now and i can't stop thinkin bout the character creation.

why the hell....when you make a custom character using someones soul like (raphael) when you choose your character the announcer says "Raphael"........whe n its not him....couldn't they just put "Wandering Soul"....meh its super

Spitfire_Riggz2137d ago

Isn't bad??? Dude that's a GREAT score. Especially for a fighting game.

MWH2137d ago

Raphael is an excellent character but my Mitsurugi can beat your Raph any given day, yeah? meet me down there.

Why o why2136d ago

my siegfried can beat your mitsurugi and his ralph

MWH2136d ago (Edited 2136d ago )

@why o why

Siegfried is a formidable character in the right hands but my Cervantes can and will slice'n dice your Siegfried any time, yeah? you too meet me down there.

VonAlbrecht2136d ago

My Raph can beat your Mitsurugi, HIS raph, and that guy's Cervantes. Or your money back.

RurouniKaze2136d ago

bahahahaha my Mitsurugi Kenshin / Cervantes
would beat all your chars like a drum

PSN ID : rurouniNinja

maniacmayhem2136d ago

I'll own all with my Sophitia. Then I'll wait for you to send me a message explaining how I spam light and low attacks, then you will end it with a f*%k you noob.

Love the fighting community!

Why o why2136d ago (Edited 2136d ago )

lmao.......seems its ON. Im much better at fighting guys who use fighters Im good with as i know most of the angles and stuff and im guessing its the same for everybody. Its them characters that few people use that catch a guy off guard.
Good with Lizard man sophitia, Mitsurugi, knightmare siegfried, Cervantes.. I must get up to speed with valdo and a few others...maybe one of the big guys so most bases are covered. Nothing brings out my competitive streak more than fighting vs....

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oricon2136d ago

TBH i never care for Fighting game reviews as 90% of the game reviewers only know how to play the games at a very basic level i just look to see what the fighting game community thoughts of the game is, to me for example at a basic level any fighting game or for example street fighter 4 ill say its boring as hell because its just mindless, just thought i'd share my opinion regarding Fighting game reviews.

Bleucrunch2136d ago

Raphael is my favorite character by far...He is the MAN!

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Queefy_B2137d ago ShowReplies(1)
SeraphimBlade2137d ago

alrighty. January 31 can't come soon enough for me.

Dark112137d ago

and i'm still waiting to see the rest of the roster -_-"

Blastoise2137d ago

So its gone from link & spawn, to darth vader & yoda to ezio... Kinda would have proffered someone cooler tbh

Laxman2137d ago

I agree, the gueat characters are getting progressively worse.

lastdual2136d ago

Actually, I think Ezio is a step in the right direction. He definitely makes for a better fit with the rest of the cast than characters like Spawn or Vader.

ThichQuangDuck2137d ago

Wish guest characters were

Afro Samurai
Marcus Fenix
Necrid( I thought he was awesome)
Big Daddy
Lion O
Mumm Ra

Theory2137d ago

Both Link and Kratos has appeared in Soul Calibur already.

ThichQuangDuck2137d ago

I realize that they have appeared before, as you see I have listed necrid which was specifically made for SCII. That is not to say a unique group of guest characters cannot appear again. This is just a random dream list some of my top being Afro Samurai, Lion-O, Mumm-Ra

ReservoirDog3162137d ago

To say Ezio isn't one of the coolest characters this gen....well then I don't know what to say.

Besides maybe Link, that'd be the coolest guest character yet.

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