Stealth Assured: Hitman Absolution - RPS Interview

Rock Paper Shotgun - Just after seeing Agent 47 do his rather John Woo-like thing, RPS's Dan Gril sat down with Tore Blystad, game director for Hitman: Absolution aka Hitman 5 aka Hitman: Subtitle, and asked the most pressing of questions: whether we’ve lost the silent assassin to open action aimed at impatient console gamers, or if stealth and caution are still very much the order of the day. And also where 47 gets his suits from.

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bunfighterii2236d ago

One thing that I think will make this game suck more than its predecessors...

It's linear. Hitman was all about replayability and playing the some mission a tonne of times, experimenting with what goes wrong, and what went right before pulling off the perfect hit.

This game seems like it will funnel you down easy street with the only decision to be made is either shoot or sneak.

just_looken2236d ago

well if you remember the library level there was no go here there text the payer could have killed a cop took his gun and went rambo. im on the fence on what you said true with some of the stuff we scene but other scenarios we have scene seem to indicate we have a choice.