Future proof PS4 and Xbox 720

Gaming In Entertainment writes: It won’t be long before Sony and Microsoft enter a transition period for their next-generation consoles, and they would want to get the hardware right. When we say right, this includes no major issues like RROD and also having specs as future proof as possible. According to some gamers and analysts, PS3 memory has been an issue this generation, and you only need to look at Skyrim frame rate issues to understand the 256MB is not cutting it.

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remanutd552260d ago

interesting article , finally something interesting among lot of garbage that get posted on this site

RedDead2260d ago

Exactly, Future proof...that stupid term again, it was used for Ps3. 1080p has been a standard on PC since 2007. Obviously it wasn't 'future proof' It's a stupid term that doesn't deserve to exist. Devs are held down by whatever tech is on the systems. Thus the future proof argument is gone straight away. A year after a console releases, new PC tech comes out which surpasses whatever there was before it, devs then have to make a choice. PC or console? Rarely they have the money to make both(BF3).

GamingTruth2260d ago

unless they make the platform upgradeable

and im still seeing things on ps3 that i have yet to see as looking anything near what i have seen pc do

so change is something thats really possible planning by smart minds can beat new tech easily anyway

SwampCroc2260d ago

this article was very good. I'm currently more than satisfied with both my Xbox360 and PS3 and all the games I've played and currently own.

but that doesn't mean I'm not excited about what's on the horizon.

SKUD2260d ago

Onlive relies 100% on the network. As it stands right now that's a bad thing. The future of the network is at risk.

Dlacy13g2260d ago

agreed... plus as internet speeds increase and tech grows you will need to change the hardware you use to connect up.

Valenka2260d ago

"Future proof?" Right.

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