GotGame | Hitman: Absolution Interview with Lead Producer Hakan Abrak

Hitman: Absolution’s Lead Producer Hakan Abrak sits down with GotGame to talk about Agent 47′s personal journey, his last contract to kill his only human contact, Diana Burnwood and some of the key features that showcases the assassin’s killer instinct.

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Valenka2232d ago

I had no idea 47 had a contract on Diana to fulfill. This kind of sucks, she was one of my favourite characters. However, it will no doubt add some interesting features to the story. I'm still excited.

ThichQuangDuck2232d ago

If you saw the epilogue at the end of hitman blood money it does hint to what agent 47 would be doing this game and why.

Valenka2232d ago

How does 47 waking up, killing everyone in the funeral and then renting a room "in the back" hint to going after Diana Burnwood, of all people?

ThichQuangDuck2232d ago

I guess it is before the epilogue ,but diana betrays you or the fact that you figure out all hits were not necessarily evil people and that you had been tricked. I hope I am thinking of the same ending

jaymart2k2232d ago

Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't Battlefield 3 pre alpha beta 2 months before full game release?

I'm asking this cause this games is in pre alpha which means it could be out by March.

ThichQuangDuck2232d ago

Battlefield Alpha was E3 with pre alpha being before E3 and Beta 2 months before launch. Hitman will still be this fall