Top 10 FPS Games of 2012

GR - "First person shooter—a genre that just won't go away. One which I hope never does, given all the "immersive," "visceral," and "heart-pounding" action it tends to provide."

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lelo2play2047d ago

I can't believe they put Counter Strike in front of Bioshock Infinite !!!

lorianguy2047d ago

Dust 514 looks very interesting. I might have to pick that one up :P

QuodEratDemonstrandm2047d ago

Isn't it a little premature to start listing the top 10 games of a year that just started? What if they suck?

acemonkey2047d ago

i thought halo was done? lol games are now following super hero deaths..their gone for about a year or more then they come back.....i cant wait to play Bioshock and Counter Strike

bioshock in 3d is going to be great