Hitman: Absolution will feature a hardcore, purist stealth mode

DSOGaming writes: "After watching the E3 2011 footage, we felt a bit underwhelmed about the latest adventures of Hitman. You see, one of the main concerns about the upcoming Hitman game was its gameplay direction and whether or not the stealth mechanics have been dumbed down. To make things worse, an ‘Eagle mode’ was present that felt out of place, especially for a Hitman game. If you were one of those disappointed fans, rejoice. Why? But because Hitman: Absolution will feature a hardcore stealth mode."

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acemonkey2356d ago

looking great cant wait for the game

NYC_Gamer2356d ago

i wanna turn out this hardcore stealth mode

Bounkass2356d ago

Let's hope the AI doesn't change.

CoD5112356d ago

Gonna be fun trying to make your way through with this enabled :D

john22356d ago

So true. No 'eagle mode', no HUD. This will be great (provided the AI is great too :P )

Bundi2356d ago

All I needed to hear to make this a sure buy.

ThichQuangDuck2356d ago

I want to see this open ended classic style levels they were talking about but this purist no hud mode is definitely appreciated.

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