DC Universe Online Celebrates One Year Online

PlayStationBlog: Happy birthday, DC Universe Online! Yes, today is the first anniversary of the launch of DCUO, and what a great year it has been. I want to take this chance to thank all of our players for always keeping us on our toes and helping make this game better every day. From our launch as the first action MMO on the PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system to our incredible Free-to-Play transition, so much has happened in the past year that it’s hard to even keep up. I’ll throw some fun facts out there so you can see just how much can be crammed in to 365 days.

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MilkMan2356d ago

Has it been that long?

Lirky2356d ago

congrats but... no say about how to receive the #1 cape, soe always,always do these things to us.

BlackTar1872356d ago

going back as soon as new DLC and patch 8 comes out

LiL T2356d ago

@BlackTar ,I belive that was out yesterday, if it was the R&D patch. I downloaded update 1.22 yesterday wich include R&D and a few missions.
@SOE Thanks but can you fix the chat please.

BlackTar1872356d ago

do the mic not work on there anymore?

and thanks for heads up Send me a friend invie on DC BlackTar 2 level 30 healer with 90 skill points

LiL T2350d ago

mic only work if I have it on when I start the game. The audio also cuts out when flying.