Hitman: Absolution PS3 gameplay preview and screens

It’s taken a while but I’m starting to come round to Hitman: Absolution’s Arkham Asylum/Splinter Cell reboot. Just don’t call it that to IO because gameplay director Christian Elverdam won’t have any of it. “No. It’s still the same universe, the same character, it’s picking up after Blood Money”. He might reject the word ‘reboot’ but, having seen all new PS3 gameplay previewed, there’s no escaping that this is all new Hitman.

There’s no sign yet of the game’s trademark open areas that unfolded like fine clockwork, revealing an intricate interplay of components to tinker with. Things like rigging gas hobs to explode, swapping blanks for real bullets in a prop gun, drugging a pair of girl’s knickers… (looong story, pervy CIA agent, witness protection scheme. You had to be there).

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